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  2. Spamcop uses junioriller[at]msn.com as abuse contact for Cert.br requests that mail abuse issues should also be addressed to cert[at]cert.br and mail-abuse[at]cert.br
  3. is an open proxy. Spamcop uses abuse address contato[at]visualinfor.com.br Cert.br requests that mail abuse issues should also be addressed to cert[at]cert.br and mail-abuse[at]cert.br
  4. is an open proxy. Spamcop is using abuse address jonathon[at]resoundnetworks.com. ARIN net suggests an abuse address of noc[at]resoundnetworks.com
  5. is an open proxy. Brazilian resource whois.registro.br asks that security and mail abuse issues should also be addressed to cert[at]cert.br and mail-abuse[at]cert.br
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  7. is an open proxy. Spamcop has an abuse address "erinaldoarcanjo[at]gmail.com" Brazilian resource whois.registro.br asks that security and mail abuse issues should also be addressed to cert[at]cert.br and mail-abuse[at]cert.br
  8. Thanks for the answers. I agree, that using bl.mailspike.org would make more sense than using rep.mailspike.org. However this wouldn't make any difference as the rating of vmx.spamcop.org is the same for both lists. Trying to white list SpamCop with my ISP would only be a very partial solution. In my opinion SpamCop should take action to get delisted from rep.mailspike.org and bl.mailspike.org (just checked: has still "Worst possible reputation" on both lists). Correct me, if I'm mistaken, but I reckon the whole process of reporting spam to SpamCop is crippled, if mail from SpamCop is not delivered to the corresponding site administrators due to SpamCop being blocked by other blacklists. By the way: I just checked at mxtoolbox.com: SpamCop is currently also blacklisted with Backscatterer, Casa Cbl and Spfbl Dnsbl...
  9. Regardless, essentially none of these are phishing schemes for Apple. So should I be sending them to reportphishing@apple.com? Here are some further examples: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6479695862z1021bf7eed9c5e421ab77e7ed3c68892z https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6479695853z24341f49a2f2ac2e8d7679e8dbd82093z https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6479695831z41ebc038af38bb3d45b0bf68ec49e02ez https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6479695767z562a8a4e3c17e754681a1f9b8001df15z None of them are phishing scams for Apple, though one is a phishing scam for LinkedIn.
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  11. In this post I provided this link. all you do is place the IPv6 6to4 address in the box. et viola! an IPv4 address (if it is a 6to4 that is...) HTH
  12. How can i find out the IPV4 equivalent?
  13. @Bernhard: I'm not sure why your server is blocking based on the mailspike "rep" (reputation) list. I had a look at their web page, and get the impression that it's not a general purpose list suitable for blocking everything from a listed IP address. Mailspike's "bl" and "z" lists seem better suited to blocking/rejecting unwanted incoming emails.
  14. Have a look here: https://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/329.html#bounces
  15. Sense the blocking of spamcop mail to you is being blocked on your end by your software or your ISP's email applications, not sure what you expect spamcop to do. There are many blocklist in use. Each BL has its own criteria for which IPs are on their list and for how long. Perhaps you can work with your ISP to white list SpamCop.
  16. I tried to register the new mailhost sr30.firestorm.ch but the mail from spamcop was blocked using rep.mailspike.net (see screenshot) I checked at mailspike.net: Anything you can do about it? Regards, Bernhard
  17. I would suggest an Exchange 2013 or Microsoft user group.
  18. RobiBue

    Is it an IPV6 issue again?

    yes, definitely IPv6 issue. I wish SpamCop would take initiative and patch that 6to4 private address hole, and I hope google will change their private addressing soon... Google shouldn't be using it like that anyway...
  19. Tracking URL: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6479117087z0764f7ba860897b4830c13c50e205599z lately I received several spams which I could not use Spamcop to parse. Is it IPV6 issue?
  20. Hi guys, Spamcop blocked one of our IP addresses on account of "misconfigured bounces". I'm pretty sure I've found and resolved the issue for the specific recipient domain but I want to turn off ALL NDR's for our Exchange 2013 server. Just for the time being, atleast. Unfortunately I've been googling for the past hour and have found no way to achieve this. It's all focused on Exchange 2010. The closest I've gotten was a powershell scri_pt that doesn't work. Could someone please help me out, if possible? P.S. what do you think of my username? it's a medieval pun.... hehe..
  21. Lking

    Dumb spam

    The last four bitcoin addresses are different. reports all sent to the same IP second example
  22. Lking

    Dumb spam

    Tracking URL We seem to be at the end of this run. Poor "Katie" has forgotten how to uses the spam tool. In addition to spam sent to my real mailboxes for the passed two weeks, this one was also sent to all the "standard" invalid boxes at this domain. Prices varied from $1100 to $1800. Those I looked at all came from some .ru TLD. I didn't think to double check the bitcoin addresses to see they too were a "form" variable or not. Conformation of the Spammer Rules "Spammers are Stupid" and Spinosa's Corollary
  23. Lets be sure this thread/discussion remains a discussion of the technical issues and does not dissolve to a less productive level.
  24. I wish to disavow any connection with the above response.
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  26. You may be right. It's unfortunate. We're providing valuable data to Cisco (owners of SpamCop), and they don't seem to want to invest any resources to get this sorted. Sad.
  27. Just give up! Neither GMail nor Spamcop will fix this in the nearest future. Unfortunately.
  28. Not sure but it looked to me to be coming through a "chat" group?
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