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  2. I suspect that Google (or whoever) are looking at the message content rather than who it's from. Sometimes it's necessary to log in to webmail and click on "Not spam" for the message(s) that you believe have been misdirected. This will help retrain your provider's filters to treat reports arriving from Spamcop as "normal" mail.
  3. That was my thinking, too. But even the responses to this thread are going into my spam box, despite my moving them to normal mail each time. What I don't understand is why they would ever have a problem with Spamcop to begin with, I don't see any point of conflict.
  4. No need for the big corporation to admit they made an error, just quietly change the settings to fix the problem.
  5. I got a response from Google, unfortunately I deleted the rejection messages. But mysteriously, a normal spam report worked today -- I have changed nothing. Hm. I will keep an eye on it and update this thread shortly. I get enough spam that if there is a bug somewhere on their side, I'm apt to trip it again.
  6. Without any details on the errors you are seeing, this may not apply, but over the last two or three weeks I've been getting a lot of spam that has mal-formatted content which not only doesn't show up in Apple Mail, SpamCop is unable to scan contents due to a "header error."
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  8. Hello I write here because for over 1 month im aggressively targeted by very complex spam (they send like one spam email for military flashlights, one for russian sex, one for drugs like cannabis oil etc.) and i need help. Usually i ignored it but yesterday i couldn't takie it anymore as it started sometimes to bypass website version of outlook spam filters and let these spam emails with links to websites full of malicious code between my daily normal emails :/ My first report that i submitted yesterday stopped spam for 16 hours (before that i got it every 2-3 hours). One hour ago same spammer started sending exactly same emails but with very little modifications in message source code and now SpamCop detects possibly wrong ISP for spam as the old one still appear in message source code. One of these spam messages i reported yesterday: My today report that i cancelled as i wasn't sure what to do: Today report that i've send had this message from SpamCops system " discarded as a forgery" but i'm unsure of that. I did little research and ip address "" belongs to "Dom Tehniki Ltd" in Russia. This company is very suspicious as i couldn't find single thing what they do. Their website (dom-tehniki) is just empty white page. If someone could guide me what to do and how to handle next reports from same spammer it would be awesome.
  9. Retrieving the headers in iCloud (from a web browser) is not a problem. However getting the decoded e-mail body used to be easier but it appears to have changed. Have searched Google a number of times using different terms with no success as to how to retrieve this information. Forwarding the e-mail sometimes works but more often than not it comes back with an error. Is there a way to better handle this one? Thanks in advance!
  10. I occasionally get similar autoresponses, and tend to ignore them.
  11. This is what i found for a map of my email servers. I do not understand all of it. I believe my servers are & I started at, then was purchased by, who was purchased by OTT.
  12. It seem that all emails inbound is being received by 172.20.20.xx. No sure what the ISP is doing.
  13. That email from the SMTP source of spam is nicer, more civil, then some I have received. It does sound like a "not my job" response figuring you will never bother contact and come back to support{AT}... I would just move on. No real information here.
  14. Looks like your Google SMTP is keying on the word "spam" and blindly blocking your submission. Following "Learn More" --> Other Errors --> What you can do --> Report the problem. We will give them points for trying to keep their SMTP from becoming a source of spam, however, dumb their efforts are. They obviously need your help.
  15. For the very first time since I started to use SpamCop I received a mail (in fact three) from a host after having reported a mail for spamming. This is the mail with the medium sized message: (The first is much longer with links, the third is very short and contains about the two first lines.I haven't klicked the links to see what they contain. Can anyone advice me what to do or tell me if you have had a similar response after having reported a spam.) Kind regards Carolus Hello, Thank you for contacting us today. At DigitalFyre, we take all abuse reports very seriously, and we thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. The IP Address in question belongs to a /24 CIDR which is allocated to, a Cloud Hosting Provider, and is assigned to one of their customers. We request that you kindly forward your request to - this Email Address will open a ticket with DediServe's Abuse Department. The Abuse Team at DediServe will work diligently to rectify the issue in a timely manner. Should DediServe fail to resolve the issue, please email and we will take an immediate action to make sure the issue has been promptly resolved in a timely fashion. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email and we will be happy to answer your questions. Kindest Regards, The Abuse Analysis Team at DigitalFyre. This email is a service from DigitalFyre. Delivered by Zendesk J656ED-X5VD] [J656ED-X5VD]
  16. I recently moved a domain to Google Apps. But, as I've sent a report through the Habul plugin (for thunderbird), I am getting blocked reports from Gmail (either or my hosted email on Google), that look like this below. Can someone let me know if this is a general problem, as I did search the forums and didn't find anything. But it seems odd they would do this, unless I'm missing something. Thanks. Message blocked Your message to submit.[omitted] has been blocked. See technical details below for more information. LEARN MORE
  17. I can confirm the same experience. The spam was submitted OK and seemed to parse, but never completed - the screen just hung. This was a typical "my husband was killed by Mugabe and I want you to have his millions" spam, and in the message body was the usual list of links to ancient BBC news items. Original email contained this: "I am sure you are aware of killing in Zimbabwe Southern Africa in the year 2000 by Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. " - Note the double dot in the first URL. I removed one of those full-stops and tried again; it parsed perfectly. I don't consider this a material change to the spam, so reported it - with a note that I'd fixed the link. Doubt anything will come of the report though, it went to an abuse address with a standard GMail account. Knujon also received a copy though.
  18. Works well for me, not just for gmail, but for email accounts with other providers as well.
  19. One could always send it directly to them but since @Lking says reports bounce, that's probably what will happen. My guess is the building of the SCBL is of more importance than reporting to a company's supposed abuse dept.
  20. Yes, that approach has been recommended several places for reporting spam when using web based email. Often recommended is the combo of Thunderbird and HabuL as an addon.
  21. I don't foresee myself doing the above for the multiples of spam messages my domain receives. Not realistic. Since I moved my domain to Gmail/Google Apps recently, perhaps an alternative method here is to load up a local IMAP client (ie: Mutt) with a macro, then connect to the Gmail/spam mailbox that way. But the above just isn't realistic for those who receive a lot of spam.
  22. Link to this FAQ item? I looked through the FAQ and I can't locate this.
  23. Abuse contact for - is abuse[at]
  24. Abuse contact for - is IGONETTECHNOLOGY[at]GMAIL.COM
  25. Keep in mind the distinction between building the SCBL and sending courtesy spam reports to ISPs.
  26. How come this kind of sites got reasoned out at SC.
  27. Abuse contact for ' -' is 'abuse-ip[at]' SC is reporting to ripe[at]
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