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  9. petzl


    Amazon go through "free account/web page" trails and are useless if not pro-spammer with dealing with abuse, If enough amazon spam get reported as phishing, which it is. the blocking of amazonaws domain is automatic but takes a lot, This would be serious for Amazon whose main business is on-line shopping.
  10. Nope. Tried that Here's another one https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6574179715z6b8a36f33ef57eb674f473b46bc7963cz
  11. gnarlymarley


    spammers like to make their stuff look legitimate. I believe gmail has fallen to the spammers level. If they are paid enough, they will probably continue to have the domain unblocked.
  12. I wonder if this has something to do with mailhosts. It almost seems the parser might be dying on this line: Received: from singlehosti.com (singlehosti.com. Does it change if you remove only that one line?
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  14. Jelmer Jellema

    Report Ends With "Parsing Header:"

    I agree. There is now enough information in the form of positive and negative examples for Spamcop to fix this. The fix probably involves some backslash in a regexp or something like that. Is there anything we can do to speed it up (or fix it)?
  15. Sisyphus

    "Welcome to SupportDesk Support Center"

    That's it. The number matches a recent Spamcop report. Thanks!
  16. Lking

    "Welcome to SupportDesk Support Center"

    I don't think so. Look at the header. The "Registered Email is the FROM: address of a spam report you sent to them (byway of SpamCop) . When they (Auto Replyed) the SpamCop system forwards it to you. The <some numbers> is the report number (that is how (only) SC links the report and their reply back to you without revealing your email address. Login to your SC account and click on the "Past Reports" tab and enter the report id <Some Numbers> to see the spam and who the report went to.
  17. petzl

    "Welcome to SupportDesk Support Center"

    Seems like a vague reply to a SpamCop submission/report you made? Just ignore it
  18. I received this email: === This message serves as confirmation that you are now successfully registered in our support center. Registered Email: <some numbers>@reports.spamcop.net Password: <some letters and numbers> You can visit the Support Desk at any time by going to https://yoursupportdesk.net/ Please do let us know if you have any questions. Regards, SupportDesk Support Center: https://yoursupportdesk.net/index.php? === Is there any reason to think this isn't spam? Louis
  19. petzl


    amazon abuse desk seem to me to be in on the spammer Go to the bogus unsubscribe and you will be asked to put email address in there put those that are amazon connected. If gmail report them as "phishing" as I do. Gmail get enough phishing reports they will block amazon domains entirely, hopefully put them out of business
  20. 5280 Guy


    I have also started copying the "abuse" addresses and sending the spam (with headers) to those addresses, so that reports aren't only going to notes.
  21. Thanks, I have tried reporting them again but it always returns nothing to do
  22. You might try again. There is a "Nothing to do" at the bottom, but when I login and look at the Tracking URL, I see the above. It does devnull because of other messages to abuse{AT} have bounced.
  23. Sorry, here's the most recent one from an hour or so agi https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6573683854zcfdada422f8a24dbb4a62e263a9c9a39z
  24. a current Tracking URL would be informative.
  25. Thank you for taking care of that I'm still getting a lot of reported UCE with nothing to do returned when submitted in the webUI
  26. emanmb

    Spoofed email?

    Yep, didn't see anything that was out of place. Reported it anyway just to be sure. I see we're in nearly the same time zone
  27. Abuse address is hostmaster [ AT ] nic.ad [ DOT ] jp
  28. The auto-response says that they do not accept emails sent from email addresses other than yahoo.co.jp.
  29. Morg2

    Can I copy reports to my ISP

    I do have the 3rd party report option, that's why I have been contemplating copying my own ISP at that point. I just wasn't sure if that was a bad idea or not; or even, if it was a violation of some policy. I guess I may just give it a try. As long as it's not breaking a rule, what can it hurt?!
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