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  20. The best form of defense is attack! By adding to "submission notes" upgrades your report. Send yourself a copy to see what your sending, spamcop reformats a lot of notes on the last line I put a > symbol. Rhis seems to make your notes better formated.
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  22. Good work! Being relentless does work. I know the effort is time consuming, I just spend 1/2 hour to clear the spam out of this forum and will not start on my private accounts. The fight goes on, Thanks.
  23. warned, blocked and post moved from "Email system & accounts"
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  25. Thanks Petxl, I followed your advice about adding notes with the IP address as well as other information. This was the basic content: *** This is a CHILD PORN spammer! Pictures of girls under 18, or made to look under 18. NO PROOF OF AGE available on the site! THIS spam WAS SENT TO MINORS! IP Address: Please investigate and stop this disgusting spammer! Thank you! *** For spam from I manually sent a spam report with the full content of the email via my email application to (I copied everything in: "View full message" into the email): This was effective as Amazon is very diligent, and within a day or two they'd get back to me and report: ...We've determined that an Amazon EC2 instance was running at the IP address you provided in your abuse report. We have reached out to our customer to determine the nature and cause of this activity or content in your report... etc. After about 10 or 15 of such submits, the spam from Amazon stopped! Regardless, the spam from Google continued unabated. At the beginning, all the spam from this spammer had different subjects and content, but then whoever it was started to send each spam out in duplicate or triplicate. I guess they were pushing me, thinking I would give up reporting, given the amount of spam they were sending... Nevertheless, I was relentless in reporting every single one, sometimes it would take me an hour or more each day! But good news, finally, three of four days ago it all stopped! Who knows what happened, maybe whoever it was took a vacation... but for now there is no more spam from that entity!! It may be a bit early, but thanks to everyone for their advice.
  26. Can someone point me to the nearest wall so I can bang my head against it? You're whoising ARIN for an IP in the APNIC pool (just as Spamcop is doing). Anytime you do that, you will get . APNIC is NOT an ISP. If you whois APNIC at for that IP, you will get current ISP information about role: Manager Admin address: 485-A/15,1st floor,G.T. Road, Dilshad garden,New Delhi,Delhi-110095 country: IN phone: +91 9958033533 e-mail: admin-c: AA1235-AP tech-c: AA1235-AP nic-hdl: MA965-AP mnt-by: MAINT-IN-APNAINFO last-modified: 2016-04-29T09:31:10Z source: APNIC (edit: P.S. The abuse contact for via APNIC is still
  27. Checking another Whois I find for This IP seems to be part of a large block of IPs in India used for VPN (hiding the location of the source) Going back to tjsynkral's old post on146.196.52.181 the block of IPs has a different abuse contact now. I have no idea what was a valid abuse address for Oct 2017. Those who seem to support spammers do try to change blocks of IPs all the time to avoid being blocked. Both blocks 146.196.52.- and the block - are managed by APNIC. Those who had in October could now have control of There is a considerable body of anecdotal evidence that APNIC does not strongly enforce the rules. If you have more valid information for an IP or block of IPs <Reporting Help> <Reporting Address Issues> would be the correct (sub) forum to post current updated information.
  28. In the case of this IP, they're trying to send mail to a black hole created to trap broken software that searched the wrong IP registry. Perhaps the abuse contact for would like to know about the spam report and take action on it before it gets to SCBL. There's no chance that search-apnic-not-arin is a deliberate thing.
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