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  3. Thanks for the explanation, it was just alarming when these mails popped up, they seem somewhat threatening.
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  5. I have a preference set that recognized spam is marked with the word "spam" in the subject line, so I can paste it at spamcop. Works fine.
  6. Another option is that your email host system has started "filtering" your incoming email, "protecting" you from email that contain the word spam. Have you checked any spam folders?
  7. Firstly "they" do not have your email. These email were forwarded to you by SpamCop. The host of the spammer, replied to spam reports they received, spam report id 6658527015 and 6658527017. SpamCop then forwarded the responses to you, as the submitter of the original spam. When SpamCop sends a report to the spammer hosts or others, the report comes from nnnnnnnnn{AT} The mailbox is the original report id number. You will notice in the header of each message forwarded to you, the TO: nnnnnnnnn{AT} which includes the report id. You can take that report id and find the original report. Login to your spamcop account, click on the <past reports> tab and inter the report id number to view the original spam report. Of course, if you reply to either of these emails as they suggest, THEN they WILL have your email address. Unfortunately, there is no way to continue the conversation with the source of the spam through SpamCop. I also removed your email address for your post. Not all who review this forum are of good intent.
  8. I received these 2 emails today referencing 2 spam reports I'd made. How did they get my address?
  9. I do not remember that bounce error message with "click below", neither on the changed address.
  10. When you submit a spam do you see something like The system doesn't wast much time with bounced reports, to the sender IP or the spam reporter. After one report to bounces, SpamCop doesn't bother the send anymore reports to you. I'm guessing your mail server may have been a little slow and SpamCop set the your flag
  11. Since april 30 2017 I no more receive spam reports at the user defined recipient address. Trying to fix that, I changed that address in preferences, for which I received and answered a confirmation request. Didn't help to receive spam reports. The old and new recipient addresses are receiving email from others. Last tracking url Has something changed regarding spam report mailing to user defined recipient address? I want reception of the reports back.
  12. I found a Firefox Add-on called "Pinger" to be effective for finding dead links on my own site. It highlights "Green" for good links, "Red" for dead links. Made it pretty easy to quickly test (and fix) the few pages I have on my site.
  13. Thank you for providing the Tracking URL. You have the answer. In the four lines you quoted above note the last link the parser tried to track down "" Not the double dot in the middle? That chokes the parser every time. Do a search for "double dot" and you will see several other threads. you also found the answer. delete it and move on.
  14. Hello, after having used SC for many years without issue, last year I found a report that caused the reporting page to never load completely, no matter how many times I tried. There was no button to report or cancel either. I finally removed all unreported spam and forgot it. Now I have the same problem but this time I want a hint on how to proceed instead of giving up. Please take a look here: The last lines I see are these four ones: Tracking link: No recent reports, no history available ISP does not wish to receive report regarding Host (checking ip) The rest of the page is missing. No button to report or cancel either. I managed to report the rest of the cases by using the links provided by SC (I use Mailwasher to send email directly from my mailbox to SC). Now I don't understand why I'm killing the analysis logic. Has anyone else seen something like this? Do I have another option than simple deleting the unreported spam? Thanks, Claudio.
  15. Thinks for finding the broken link. Years ago and forum.spamcop were tightly linked by ownership and maintenance. Several years ago when the old forum application became clunky and unmaintainable it was moved and migrated to new forum software. Many link internal and external, broke and old destinations lost. Also the issue may be the process was designed for the defunct email system. If you still can't login, I suggest and if that fails try <Browser> -> <Staff> Richard W
  16. In, "Check the Help forum first ..." points to "" which comes up with "Sorry, there is a problem The page you requested does not exist Error code: 1S160/2" For some reason, I can't log in. Maybe I'm trying the wrong username, but I tried 3 variations, but even resetting the password for each variation results in "No user found for input:..."
  17. 1. You are the only one that can see the first link in your post. 2. You should provide the Tracking URL. That will allow others to see the spam and how the parser processed it.. 3. I deleted your screenshot because it revealed the 16 char in your privet SpamCop reporting account. You may notice that some of the report destinations include devnull which is where SC sends reports for internal analysis when the given email address doesn't accept spam reports (or other reasons). I guess you are lucky that your direct emails to the spammer were returned. IF they had received your email it would have confirmed that your email address was a good one and "real people" read their spam.
  18. For the last few days, a number of my reports have been sent to and I sent an email myself to those addresses yesterday in order to ask them to prevent their customer from using the domain to send spam, but: and I have just reported some spam today, and reports were sent to the same email addresses (see attached screenshot).
  19. welcome to the fight. Unfortunately email no longer exist in the " where Pollyanna belief systems survive."
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  21. Yeah, I guess this isn't world where Pollyanna belief systems survive. So I did more digging to see if I could figure out what is really occurring. I'm sure it won't be long until I don't have time to do this either, but call it a learning experience for now. Thank you for backing up the action I was taking with your experience. The Original spam (I keep copies) is for 1ink sales. How that spam is related to someone at NANOTECH HEALTH LTD is something I can't fathom. [I know, gee, you think?] Also, I signed up for SPAMCOP because I still get 300+ spam's/day after setting my Postfix mail handler up for strict RFC checking and checks against 8 different RBL's. I implemented this after one Thanksgiving receiving 10,000+ spam's to one account in one day. That's an average of one new spam message every 9 seconds, which made email and that email address completely unusable. The "new mail" bell sounded like a gas pump, ding..ding..ding. Filtering reduced this to ~ 300/day, still a lot of time waste sorting through garbage for real business email. My hope is that Spamcop would significantly reduce this number by targeting the smaller batch which evades other filters. My first week of using SPAMCOP dramatically reduced my spam to almost zero, the second week, spam numbers are back up to pre-SPAMCOP reporting levels. What made me decide to try Spamcop is I manually used iptables to block the IP address of machines delivering spam to my inbox. I found these machines rotate about every 8 hours, but once the next batch of 12 spam machines is identified and blocked... gets me another 8 hours of spam free peace. I was hoping Spamcop and it's users were mostly identifying these new machines before I had to, manually. Probably the fact that there is only 12 problem machines at any given time says Spamcop and others like Spamcop are are already doing a pretty effective job. If I had an easy way to run my own RBL and automate a way to populate my personal RBL with these 12 IP addresses, my problem would be mostly solved for my site during each 8 hour window. Of course I'd need the private RBL table to expire IP's after about 3-7 days of blocking. Still learning and looking for solutions.
  22. What would you expect someone to say who makes their money by providing spammers hardware? 'Our money tree said they were really really good people and followed all the rules.' So its not our job. Talk to the other guy. I assume this email was forwarded to you by SpamCop. To my knowledge, without revealing you email, there is no way to tell the spammer's host that they obviously have a client who is not following good practices and it may affect all their clients as a result. Well no way except sending more reports. At any rate I agree with you, I would not contact NANOTECH HEALTH LTD
  23. Any Admins here know what to do with this? I'm pretty careful about signing anything which opens the door to unlimited spamming by organizations and their subsidiaries, so the claim of a "signed contract" is likely bogus. =========================================================================================================================== Hello SpamCop user, For your information, our company provides a platform so that third party companies can perform their own marketing campaigns. Third party companies have their own user databases and they are responsible for sending the marketing campaigns to the users they consider appropriate. We offer them tools and infrastructure so that they can perform the campaing efficiently. We are not responsible of their databases. All our clients have a signed contract that states "All their clients have accepted to receive their marketing campaigns" so if there is any complain you should address that company (this is, the company that has your data in their database). Nevertheless we can provide you the contact details of that company: Company Name: NANOTECH HEALTH LTD Email contact: -- Please use the link below to review the report in question:;slice=reportid;val=6656549552
  24. janiferlewis I broke the link you provided because when I followed it, 1) the page at first looked kind-of like a "Yahoo-support-service" Then the "tumblr" part of the domain name became obvious. 2) I was redirected to a FireFox look-alike with a EMERGENCY update. (yes I use FF). Further links in your post will result in putting your post in moderation (review before being visible.)
  25. Yahoo has a stunning stage and furthermore serving its clients with fabulous elements. In any case, it is ideal to fix the security of your mail account by including two factor verification to your Yahoo mail account. Go to through the blog and get wanted data: https;\\yahoo-support-service,tumblr,com/post/160582485702/how-to-enable-two-step-verification-in-yahoo
  26. Abuse contact for ' -' is 'abuse[at]'
  27. eM Client has fixed the issue. Thanks for all of the information you gave me. It helped them to understand the issue.
  28. A quick for APEWS use of the search function found in the upper right of this screen, would have revealed 8 pages of post similar to yours. Each thread ends pointing out that there is no connection between APEWS and SpamCop, in spite of the false link on the APEWS web page. or see
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