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> Welcome to
SpamCop is the premier service for reporting spam. SpamCop determines the origin of unwanted email and reports it to the relevant Internet service providers. By reporting spam, you have a positive impact on the problem. Reporting unsolicited email also helps feed spam filtering systems, including, but not limited to, SpamCop's own service.

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> My Forwarding Solution
Posted by gezgin - 09-16-14 06:28 - 1 comments

As the mail train called “1 October 2014” bears down on us all, I’ve had an “Aha!” moment about forwarding from my SpamCop addresses. My particular problem is that I currently have SpamCop hold all mail that’s not from addresses in my White List: everything (and there’s quite a bit of it) not already whitelisted gets held so I can report or (rarely any more) whitelist it as need be. After 30 September there’s not going to be a Held folder or a White List, which to me means that a lot of junk that’s currently being caught is going to get passed on to the new forwarding address that I provide. (I may be wrong about this but I suspect not.)

My solution, which I’ve just implemented, is to create a brand-new Gmail account. All messages sent to my SpamCop addresses will be forwarded to this address, which will not be used for anything else. Now here’s the Aha!: In the settings for that account, I’ve turned on “Vacation response” and I’ve created a message that (1) tells people that my email address has changed and (2) gives my new email address in a form that is human-readable only.

I’ve tried this out sending messages to the one SpamCop address that I’ve already turned forwarding on for and it works perfectly.

Read 54 times - last comment by Spamnophobic   

> Inbox blocked from sending / receiving Spamcop reports.
Posted by ATF - 09-11-14 11:51 - 5 comments

I have been using Spamcop for probably 20 years but for over a year it appears Time Warner either blocks spams from being forwarded to or blocks the prepared reports from being returned to my inbox. This started to occur about 6 months before their announced takeover of Brighthouse Networks / Roadrunner. If I create an alias, (ex: Joe Schmoe = xx1234[at], I can normally send one or two Spamcop reports to go full circle from my email and back through to my inbox before it doesn't work and I have to create another temporary alias. spam forwarded to Spamcop will normally never come back and it takes a lot longer to file spam manually at especially from my phone.

No one at Time Warner seems to be able to understand anything other than the most basic questions about the roadrunner service, so I have not found anyone with any understanding of this. The only real reply I've heard is that it's been bad for a while. It is also very slow and at one time during the takeover it would just go down, (but the price goes up!) They are also blocking port access to directly retrieve emails from their server, so services such as Mailwasher will also not work as a result. Don told me there is no problem on the Spamcop end of things.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Read 143 times - last comment by petzl   

> [Resolved] Cannot get "select action" to work any more
Posted by sproe - 09-8-14 19:07 - 2 comments
I'm trying to release email from my Held Email, but the dropdown from "select action" does not work for me any more. I've been doing this for years now, so I don't think it's me. I'm using the latest version of Firefox. Haven't tried it with IE, but that's my next step. Just wondered if anyone else is having this problem?
Read 102 times - last comment by turetzsr   

> Medic Canada
Posted by outlawspam - 09-7-14 09:09 - 9 comments
I am going nuts!
I have been using the internet for nearly 20 years and I am familiar with the stupidity of spammers. However, two months ago, I began to experience a deluge of spam that I have never seen before. For two months I have been receiving AT LEAST twenty emails from some [censored], the name of which is Medic Canada. On looking for information about this [censored], on the internet it appears it has been around for a long while.
The whole thing is absurd. I am hardly likely to use a service that has emailed me about 1300+ times in two months.
I have given up reporting these emails on Spamcop as it takes up too much of my time and even when I have done this, they just carry on coming. Also, when Spamcop reports the spamming to the ISP providing the webspace used by the spammer, Spamcop sometimes advises the ISP does not want to receive any communications {complaints) about the spammer/webspace.This is bewildering - why on earth should any ISP adopt this attitude? (The very fact that the ISP is saying this indicates that complaints have already been made).
I use a Yahoo email and these spams go straight into the Trash, but nonetheless, I strongly object to feeling as if I am under siege. Why on earth are the [censored] responsible for this stupidity allowed to continue? Yesterday, I received eight, all sent together, during the night, and then during the day, four together, then six together, then two together and then another six. This is ludicrous.
Can anyone throw any light on this nuisance?

Read 170 times - last comment by lisati   

> [Resolved] Spamcop Appears To Report Incorrect Cached Whois
Posted by dutch - 09-6-14 23:50 - 3 comments
I got 7 spam messages from IP addresses

Spamcop reports the cached WHOIS as This is owned by, a hosting company in Provo UT. I contacted them via chat and email, and got to their "terms of service" tech group, who asserts these IPs are not hosted by them.

Here is a snip from one of the reports, all 7, except for the 6 different IPs look the same.

2: Received: from ( by ( with Microsoft
SMTP Server (TLS) id 15.0.847.32 via Frontend Transport; Fri, 5 Sep 2014 08:40:27 -0500
Hostname verified: received mail from ( )
3: Received: from [] ([] by (envelope-from
<yourbloombergbusinessweek[at]>) (ecelerity r(42060/42061)) with ESMTP id 63/B3-28107-34DB9045; Fri, 05 Sep 2014
09:40:19 -0400
No unique hostname found for source: received mail from sending system
Tracking message source:
Routing details for
Using smaller IP block (/ 8 vs. / 16 )
Removing 1 larger (> / 8 ) route(s) from cache
[refresh/show] Cached whois for : support[at]
Using abuse net on support[at]
No abuse net record for
Using default postmaster contacts postmaster[at] 2/2
Message is 24 hours old not listed in not listed in not listed in not listed in not listed in
Read 110 times - last comment by dutch   

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