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  16. Moved from "Reporting help" => "Routing/Report address issues" Other post in the sub forum identify corrected addresses for given IP/IP blocks.
  17. I have had a few spams recently (windward casino) that spamcop gave error message: at the end of "Finding links in message body" I did some exploration, and discovered that the problem seems to be the way the spam emails are constructed. They are multipart/alternative, and the alternative header blocks are ending with a line containing a single space. Deleting that space in the body of the content lets spamcop parse the body correctly. --Section.«guid» Content-Type: text/plain Winward Casino: US Players, … That *blank* line is really a space. Deleting the space character allows the "Finding links" to work again. Example: I understand that the original purpose of that message, was due to an error in the user handling the copy/paste/forward of the emails in such a way that email header was no longer accurate. However, in this case, the "couldn't parse head" is really the multipart header in the body of the message. That was not really clear from the context.
  18. Abuse contact for - is abuse[at]
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  20. Looking at the spams, it would appear that the spammer is adding the X-Originating-IP header to confuse the matter. I do not see that IP listed in any Received lines. As it stands, I can trust any spam as far back as my border server. I cannot trust it past that. My border server will have the logs with the IP that for whom I need to report. They in turn can use their logs and pass it up to their suspected source.
  21. When submitting the numerous African scam emails to SC, SC inconsistently detects the X-Originating-IP address that is contained in most of them. Below are some examples. I'd say that about 10% of X-Originating-IP addresses listed in emails submitted to SC are detected and reported by SC. For the rest of those IP addresses, it requires manual email submission outside of SC to the abuse contacts. Why does SC detect and report so few of the X-Originating-IP addresses? (detected X-Originating-IP )X-Originating-IP: NOT detect X-Originating-IP - NOTE that I tried removing the brackets and did a test submission, but the IP address was still not detected)X-Originating-IP: [] []
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  23. If SpamCop mailhosts don't work for you or your company, reporting through SpamCop is not a option sorry.
  24. Ew. That is obviously not a universal solution to the problem. Please explain why IPs less than work, but domains greater than don't?
  25. Sound to me like you and Others each need to configure your/their individual reporting account mailhost to reflect the path(s) their email takes. All accounts are independent so configuration of one reporting account will not affect another. One reporting account at a time.
  26. So this might where the confusion is. Yes and yes. *I* report spam from a single spamcop account for all email I have access to: Yahoo!, Gmail, etc, and my work email. *Others* in my company report spam to their work email (as well as to their personal email, most likely) using their own spamcop accounts. So, if it is as simple as registering the misflagged host as a mailhost, how can we do that for *ALL* reporters without mucking up their personal spamcop accounts? (I get the sense reading the warnings that a mailhost is only valid for the one account setting it up, and once you go down that route you must set it up for ALL mailhosts you include in reports.)
  27. Yes, the mailhost for each reporting account needs to be configured. However, reading between the lines, are several people reporting using the same SpamCop reporting account? The reporting mailhost does not involve the mailbox but the path to the mailbox. For example, personally I report spam from all mailboxes on four different domains using only one reporting account. All the email is serviced by the same host so the path for all email for all the domains is the same; a fairly simple mailhost configuration. The configuration is more involved where email from several domains (gmail, me, yahoo...) are all forwarded to a single account and reported from there.
  28. I'm going to say this again, this isn't just me, it's the entire company. Everyone who reports spam through spamcop is getting this problem. Solving it only for me with my email (a) only fixes it for my reporting and (b) makes it harder when I have to report through other emails.
  29. Your problems should end if you just used SpamCops mailhost program? Just requires you to have your email address to be sent a validation which identifiess your mailhost This belongs in the just "too easy" basket? You are making reporting hard for yourself!
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