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  2. Yep sort of. I created a account in 2013 with a private gmail email address. After that, I subscribed to daily reports via email for several networks and email service providers, which you can set up under the "preference" tab: Each email lists spam sources (trap hits or user complaints) for the networks. E.g. report email #1 on maybe 14 November: Nov 7 21h/7 1 2 3 4 blocklisted Another report email two days later: Nov 7 13h/9 1 0 2 1 blocklisted To read the reports properly, I assume that you can order by report date. then group by ip and starting date (= incident id), cumulate the trap hits and complaints per id, use the last entry per id, and use period between startdate (Nov 7) and last duration (+9 days and 13 hours) as the timespan during which SpamCop registers an IP address as a potential spam source. I then take the sum of IPs per day as an indicator for the spamminess of the network over time. I dunno if this approach is valid (apart from varying number of IPs over time). And I also noted that IPs sometimes seem to be blocklisted due to trap hits, sometimes not. As I found no further documentation, I thought the forum can maybe shed some light on it.
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  4. You probably have an ISP/Provider account on the spamcop reporting site, possibly (but not necessarily) with the email address that's receiving the reports as login i.d.
  5. Hi Guys, I noticed a drastic increase of spam e-mails arriving at my inbox after starting reporting the spam e-mails using Spamcop. I usually had around 2 spam messages per Week, now I get 15 per day. First, I was wondering why this has happened. My best guess would be the administrator of the network forwarding the spam report to the Spammer. What do you think? How could that have happened? And then, the bigger question: Do you think it would make more sense to stop reporting the spam and giving the Spammer the impression that the mailbox is unused, again oder would you propose continue reporting the e-mails? Thanks a lot!
  6. Thanks @lisati and @Lking for your prompt response & sorry that I did not express myself very well. I guess the reporting date was misleading. My question is not about a new blocklisting issue that has to be solved. Instead, it is about how to read the email reports, which you can subscribe to at Request Aggregate Reports Please specify which IP(IPv4: dotted quad, IPv6: colon-separated hex) ranges you would like to receive reports about; enter ranges as one of the following: CIDR (IP/mask) or Range (IP1 - IP2) or Single ip (IP) or Lookup mailservers by domain [ ... ] Aggregate reports will be sent only if there is spam: [ ] Never [ ] Hourly [X] Daily At least I believe this is the form. The subscription is several years old and I can't recall where on I did it. Anyway, I wanted to analyse the hundreds of historic reports for intelligence purposes, now. However, while doing so I stumbled over the interpretation issue that I described above. Thanks again & kind regards.
  7. As far as I know, listings are normally up to 24 hours at a time. If doesn't show any information that is useful to you, other pages, such as might provide some extra clues as to what is happening.
  8. You can look up your IP here: or enter your IP here: The IP does not appear to be listed currently. I have never received/seen a summary report so with only one example it is hard for me to interpret. Others may have more insight.
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  10. I am subscribed to "SpamCop Summary Reports", which are sent by "SpamCop robot". An email looks like this: [ SpamCop Summary Report ] -- See footer for key to columns and notes about this report -- IP_Address Start/Length Trap User Mole Simp Comments RDNS Summary: Nov 7 21h/7 1 2 3 4 blocklisted [...] -- Key to Columns -- IP Address: The numeric address. Start: The first date (within the past week) that spam was reported to have originated from the IP address. Length: The duration of the incident in # of days Trap: Messages received at traps. User: Messages reported by registered users. Mole: Messages reported by registered users who prefer to remain anonymous. Simp: Simple reports - messages submitted by unregistered users. Comments: Notes reflect blocking-list status and issue-resolved status. RDNS: Reverse dns name of ip address (must pass forward and reverse) -- Summary Report Notes -- o All times are GMT, exact time of incident withheld. o Time of this report is: Wed Nov 15 13:01:51 2017 [...] How do I interpret the summary data - especially with regards to Start (Nov 7) and Length (21h/7)? Has the IP been blocklisted for 7 days and 21 hours and is it still blocklisted? During what time period occured the 1 trap hit, 2 registered user reports, 3 mole reports, and 4 simple reports? I've always wondered that. After looking into the FAQ and searching the forum, I am still a bit puzzled. Thanks & regards!
  11. Or that others have given up on using Hotmail because of the problems.
  12. Hello. Yes, when I first noticed the problem a few months back, I deleted my Hotmail address from SpamCop's mailhosts and reran the setup steps. It didn't fix the problem, but in case something's changed I've just done it again. Will see what happens. I note that of the servers listed by SpamCop, two of the mx*. addresses were unticked by default, though the instructions indicated that ticking everything would increase accuracy so I've done that. Interestingly, I've only received four "account configuration email" messages from SpamCop, though it said it would send five. I'm a little surprised more users aren't jumping in on the conversation - does that mean everyone else can successfully submit spams received to Hotmail addresses, and we're the only ones experiencing the issue; or no-one else is actually trying this? I barely use it myself these days (was amused to find it had sent all notifications from this thread straight to Junk.)
  13. Would help if you disclosed the IP? Your IP is not the only IP a blacklist looks for. Possibly users IP is blocklisted as a source Tell your user to scan for malware and change password If Microsoft Windows Defender is available to them, use it!
  14. We have a monitor that informs us when we are on a Blacklist. We have not been on a blacklist for a while. I mispoke when I mentioned domain. What I meant was our IP was allegedly blocked, but it is only affecting one user.
  15. SpamCop blocks IP addresses not domains nor email boxes. If only one mailbox is being blocked I would look at the bounce message(s) and see who is bouncing and see if their is any clue as to why. (Keep in mind that some email managers are lazy and report a generic reason for blocking email ~ weather it applies or not.) Some options that come to mine: 1. The mail service has blacklisted the sender for some reason. 2. The bouncing service is blocking your domain/IP address AND only one of your accounts is sending them email. Have you checked any of the several blocklist to see if you / you IP are listed?
  16. We have over 200 users on our Rackspace email account. Yet only one of our users is receiving a bounceback message saying his email is being blocked by SpamCop. Any suggestion why? Rackspace keep looking into it and as soon as it is marked as fixed, it happens again. I have gone back and forth with them 5 times.
  17. Understood, and thanks for the suggestion, but I really think that Mr_Wizard is experiencing exactly the same problem as me, and mailhosts isn't the answer. From a selfish point of view, and being the OP, mailhost reconfiguration doesn't resolve my issue, and I strongly suspect it doesn't resolve the issue for anyone who uses I also use spamcop for gmail and a personal webserver, and they work great, and I do occassionally reconfigure these too. It's just that gives me problems, yet no one has suggested a solution (except for my workaround). So with me re-asking for a resolution to the header issue, I don't think this a "spiral into never-never land". In fact I think it is exaclty the point of my original question.
  18. Now that is a roundabout! Reminds me of a place in Minneapolis Minnesota, call Seven Corners; Seven major roads intersecting at grade. Back in the day they tried lights, painted lane, signs, again and again. Finely gave up posting big flashing sings "DANGER Uncontrolled Intersection" and covered all the lane markings. It worked. Scared the pee wad out of everyone and accidents went down.
  19. We are sensible even driving cars on the left, even the water going down the sink plug hole goes clockwise The theory is 000 was is the emergency number and wanted the zero last number to stop children dialing it when playing with phone
  20. ??? Does reversed rotary dial have anything to do with the coriolis effect in the southern hemisphere
  21. Before this thread spirals off into never-never land: I was responding to Mr_Wizard. A miss-configured SC Mailhost is a common issue when the parser identifies your ISP as the source of spam. The configuration stability of free email servers (gmail, outlook, hotmail, etc) is sufficient for the general user. However, more advanced email users may have problems when the servers are reconfigured "behind the scenes" without notice to the users. Mavdo, you have reported the effect of some of those changes here. In response to Mr_Wizard's first post I suggested the most common solution to the problem he reported. If that does not resolve his problem, with more information/examples hopefully other suggestions will resolve the problems he is having.
  22. The pictured phone wouldn't do me much good. For some obscure reason that's buried in the mists of history, rotary dial phones here in New Zealand ended up with the digits 1-9 backwards compared to the rest of the world.
  23. On the very second line of my first post I said I had re-run mailhosts. It doesn't fix it.
  24. If your provider changes some of its "behind the scenes" stuff, it will be a good idea to log in to your spamcop reporting account, click on the "mailhosts" menu tab, scroll down the page, click on the "add new hosts" link, follow the instructions, and, hey, presto, things should be sweet.
  25. "the configuration of your mailhost"??!! What mailhost? It is, including and plus others. There is no "configuration"; it is what it is. You click on the corner of the message and say "Show Original" and the output of that is what you paste into SpamCop. Outlook recently changed the contents of this, presumably because of the way mail routes through their internal systems, possibly between hotmail and outlook domains. Now, everything apparently comes "from" outlook, which is nonsense. Strip that part out, and it finally "sees" the correct source. Now, on that basis, what "configuration" do you think we should be "checking" or tweaking? Because when you say "check" I was kind of assuming you'd give some advice on what to check and what to change, because I wouldn't have a single clue what configuration could be changed to fix this. However, I'm assuming that as I don't have a mailhost, as handles all that for me, we need spamcop to find the correct part of the headings for us without having to do some manual filtering all the time. Hotmail and are pretty big and we won't change the way they configure things. So either spamcop adjusts for them, or spamcop can't help a large percentage of the webmail users out there.
  26. Have you checked the configuration of your Mailhost?
  27. Hotmail has changed again. I now have to remove only the top two header "sections", which normally is about 7 lines, for it to work. The third section has changed or disappeared. But if you don't do this, it does indeed report it to hotmail which is useless. Surely spamcop are planning a workaround because without it, it Spamcop is incompatible with hotmail/Outlook/live mail and has been for months. Hello SpamCop?.
  28. I have the same problem. SpamCop always wants to report spam sent to my Hotmail account to Hotmail itself. I'll try this workaround next time, but is there anyone from SpamCop who can comment?
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