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  2. Back to back nothing to do https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6583846394z2bfcac85f4e1e8b0af5d3b9b145e74a9z
  3. It's been a couple weeks but another one this morning: https://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z6583845881zdc8d2f8f8dadcaaecab56fd9e451c014z
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  16. gnarlymarley

    October 2019 - A month different to others?

    I did notice on the source of spam page lately there are a lot of "ISP has indicated spam will cease" from IP ranges such as and where it appears that they are just marking the option to prevent reports from being submitted. (It seems to be more than one IP in their range.) It appears they have been doing this for more than 48 hours and marking this maybe every six hours as the time after the message seems to jump up by around six hours. Could this be part of the why the spikes have changed?
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  26. Let me expand on my shorthand reply Yes, (If I had received the email you received), I would report this (email as) spam. My apologies for any offense perceived in my comments. None was intended. Life is to short.
  27. he answered me that . Normally if he do not ridicule from my English he should answered me that Yes You should reported this spam. But he Just want to show may English incomprehension .
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