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    FaceBook and spam

    When I got back from my road trip last week (hours alone with little to do but think) I started reporting to Facebook links in forum spam here. And it has an impact! If you get here before I do in the morning you may have noticed some of the forum spam includes a link to a Facebook page i.e. "https:/ /facebook,com/somepage/1234567899" or the like. I login to FB, and past the link into my browser. On the spammer's FB page there is a "Feedback" option so I report the page as spam. Never going back I had no idea if it had an effect Today there were two FB links to the same page. I reported the first one and when I went back the second time several minutes later, the page was " currently not available"!!! I feel good today.
  3. Hello Rajasekar.svel, We happy to help. Hope you get the answers! Cheers GH
  4. Rajasekar.svel

    reports disabled for abuse at zohocorp.com

    Thank you very much for the reply. I've raised the request over there.
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  6. Hello Rajasekar.svel, I've just answered your other post, so I'll answer this here as it's clearer what's required. It might be best to send thru a request to SpamCop Admin, the following link/page: https://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/401.html How can I contact a SpamCop representative, at the very bottom of the page: "Other reasons for contact", briefly explain what you've posted here, I'm sure the SpamCop Admins will assist. Cheers GH
  7. Well, there you go, just removed the top two [ Received: etc ] hops & the spam parsed just fine, so, GH wrong, apologies Rajasekar.svel, your (remove first two [ Received: etc ]) method is correct. Removing (first one [ Received: etc ] ) also results in a true parse. Cheers! GH
  8. Hey Rajasekar.svel, Without a working tracking URL it's a little difficult to offer commentary, however, are you posting that you've had a positive result from Zoho Abuse Monitoring Desk? In which case super! If I've misunderstood, please post a working SC tracking URL? Also, just for accuracy, SCA advise: remove the 1st/first [ Received: etc to +0000] It may well be that removing the top two [ Received: etc ] is also effective, but (imo) I don't think so, I'll test this method & post back. Cheers! GH
  9. Dear SC, I'm from Zoho Abuse Monitoring Desk. Recently one or two users report to me that they cannot report to our abuse contact i.e abuse@zohocorp.com via SC. 1) We never pass on the complete information that you provide to our customers we either block them or warn them with few non trackable information like date of complaint/subject etc. 2) We never opted out of reports from SC. We want them. 3) We take action on all complaints by our monitoring desk persons manually. Kindly provide further information to resolve this issue. Regards, Rajasekar.S.V
  10. Rajasekar.svel

    Spamcop no longer works with Outlook/Exchange

    This is from Zoho Abuse Monitoring Desk. We had taken action on the account who sent the email in 2 days of report from spamcop by warning and also unsubscribing you. Kindly let us know if you receive such complaints.
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  12. gnarlymarley

    What do do with Amazon hosted spammers

    This is unfortunate. Don, you will also be remembered.
  13. Hey Petzl, There's quite a few using this method. I've noticed Hetzner do take action on receipt of submission/s. Cheers! GH
  14. Hey Gnarlymarley, I'm all for understanding No, I wasn't referring to https://www.spamcop.net/sc?action=showroute x I was suggesting a pinned topic/table exist in SC Forum, collating addresses that SC doesn't identify BUT SC members have shown to be effective spam fighting endpoints. Cheers! GH
  15. won't accept abuse reports send you here https://abuse.hetzner.com/issues/new?lang=en
  16. gnarlymarley

    What do do with Amazon hosted spammers

    I am just trying to understand. So if I understand correctly, you are offering to update the current tables that Don D'Minion (I haven't seen him for a while) used to update such as can be seen at https://www.spamcop.net/sc?action=showroute;ip=;typecodes=16?
  17. Seems this AmazonAWS spams are trying to get your computer infected take care https://www.2-spyware.com/remove-amazonaws.html
  18. Hello All, The idea for an address table/pinned topic, was not that it was open to anyone to post the info, rather it was/is a repository of all "effective/helpful" addresses SC parser is not identifying, managed by SCFA. (I offered to do the grunt work if SCF Admins or whomever currently carries the work/maintenance burden wanted some willing assistance). This translates to, the table/topic existing, any identified addresses forwarded to SCFA who'd then update the table/pinned topic. Cheers GH
  19. gnarlymarley

    What do do with Amazon hosted spammers

    Lisati/MIG, Though I would like this access, I would prefer not to give spammers more access than they really need. While it would be nice to be able to correct addresses in our own table, it is not a good idea to open it up to people that are using the forums to put in their spam, or even to paste in bad abuse addresses. Forum spam posted in the R&RA is why I like the deputies to act as a double check what shows up there.
  20. GH may be wrong but for: 2402:bc00:0:a216:0:0:19:124, GH gets: abuse@ene.megaegg.ne.jp
  21. Hey Klappa & Lisati, Yep, the SCR Help R&RA is there, is a good resource, and (my understanding) is that it's for corrections, whereas, GH sees the pinned table as a repository of additional addresses, built from info posted by SCF members who, every so often mention (an address) as being an effective end point when they reached out for assistance with knocking off a spammers head互
  22. Thanks Petzl, Alice broke the looking glassGH
  23. Having some kind of table for us to use does sound like it might have some merit. There's also a section of this forum that some contributors use to submit updates and corrections. under Spamcop Reporting Help -> Routing/Report Address issues
  24. Yea that would be a great idea since Spamcop is to lazy to change dead abuse addresses by themselves.
  25. yep i did report the post, as soon I realized that
  26. If you know the correct/a better abuse address for this IP then the "Routing/Routing Address Issues" sub forum would be the correct place to post the results of your research. I thought your post was questioning that fact that the spam Report went to @devnull.spamcop.net
  27. thank you for you reply and it was its not about the error in reporting but error in finding correct reporting email for this spam. i will be more careful to clarify next time,
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