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    I was a zombie for an hour

    Thanks for the help, Farelf! I'll do some more digging where you recommended. I confess, I'm otherwise downright stumped. Seems like people have had similar problems here: http://forums.techguy.org/general-security...ing-spam-4.html but I was using only webmail, not a client. Hn. :/
  2. tschofie

    I was a zombie for an hour

    Hiijacking is a possibility, I suppose... but my father also says his webmail account was also sending out spam. (Recipients were emailing him back.) I'd foolishly left my webmail open and logged in while I was gone. Still, thanks for the point about the password -- I'll go change it now. No new spam is appearing at present. I did not change msconfig, was just checking for anything weird. Should I change anything? Connection isn't very secure -- just kind of standard. Wireless, WEP. Windows XP, SP1 (could that be the problem? I'll get onto the other SPs.) Trouble occurred under firefox; switched to chrome for the fixes. Hijack This doesn't seem to show anything suspicious. I'll play around with packet sniffers a bit, too.
  3. tschofie

    I was a zombie for an hour

    My technophobe father checked his email on my computer while I was logged into my own email account, and shortly thereafter I discovered that I'd been flooding friends and family with, well, you know what. I closed the browser; ran msconfig; updated SUPERanitspyware (free), Spybot S&D, Pandacloud, Spywareblaster, Avast antivirus (free); then got offline and ran 'em. Nothing, nothing. Next was McAfee's latest stinger, Rootkitrevealer, Sophos antirootkit. Nuthin'. Now I'm really mad. Either there's something devious going on, or one of my knee-jerk reactions obliterated the worm, or... I just don't know what to look for. Anybody know what's going on? The spam itself was left in my outbox -- definitely not a neat job -- and seems to point to various corruptions of USnews' website, eg. 'us-newsonline dot net', 'read-usnews dot com', 'usnews9 dot com', etc. It's all weight-loss-type spam. Halp!