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  1. Thank you Gremlin for the SOA tip. I didn't post a follow-up because I'm not sure how my IP was delisted, but glad it was. I was never able to get through to anyone at gremlin.ru since the MX record is still not accepting connections from any of my email servers.
  2. Thanks for investigating. The email server mail.gremlin.ru does not accept connections so the registrar contact is bogus. As an email admin is tough to ignore a blacklisting but that's probably the best advice in this case.
  3. One of our IPs ( was recently blacklisted on DRBLs vote.drbl.gremlin.ru and work.drbl.gremlin.ru. I'm the system administrator and can confirm that our network is secure, no viruses, etc, we are not relaying, and we absolutely do not send spam, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to request a removal from these lists. It doesn't help that they're in Russian. They offer translated pages here http://gremlin.ru/soft/drbl/en/ but their removal instructions are lame because there is no postmaster[at]gremlin.ru. You can see the two blacklistings here: http://multirbl.valli.org/lookup/ Does anyone know if gremlin.ru is even legit? Should I be concerned that our IP is listed with them?