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  1. Don, Thanks for your answer. I will complete my configuration then. Regards Artur
  2. Hi, Due to some changes in my incoming main chain configuration I decided to completely purge my current MailHost settings and set it again from scratch. The first problem appeared when I tried to register my primary mail server, where I read all my mails from. After adding the address and provider name I received a confirmation email, forwarded it to address mentioned in the mail's body and I received a two e-mails from spamcop.net. Both with the same Date in headers and also with exactly the same Message-Id. One says: Second one: To make my confusion bigger the new entry appeared in the MailHost configuration, but with the old name (before purge) and with all old IP addresses which are irrelevant to my mailserver anymore. I used the mutt to forward the original email from spamcop as attachment. I also placed myself as a recipient and all headers in forwarded email are left intact. Best regards Artur