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  1. I'm not certain that the reports for this spam are going to the right place mainly because every single spam I have parsed lately is going to the same exact provider. Could it be that the host of the spam I'm receiving is flooding my network? Could the parser be wrong? Are they slipping under the radar, that good at spamming? I'm not complaining about not getting spam from other servers, but this is looking really wierd. Here's a link: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1553558607z8...9fc37caea6f420z Thanks for any help provided! Please let me know if you need more info.
  2. Thanks so much for the help! Hopefully now I'll get the spam reports sent to the right provider, and I can get off the back of my own provider. And boy will they be happy about that! Heh.... Ah! Much better! http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1553676201z5...41dc9428c7c628z
  3. Our provider is actually Mainstreet's provider, not Mainstreet itself (and they cannot figure this out at all because I've been trying to block Mainstreet's IP's....and that may be a bad idea it appears!). When going into mailhosts, however, it lists an SMTP server that we don't use (we're on an exchange server), but I don't have that option. Would it be safe to assume that the server listed is what is being pulled from our MX record, or just the first contact when searching for our domain?
  4. Same thing happening to me... headers show text/html Here's a link: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z1247387968z2...8b972d044aac4bz It did not parse the website time after time after time, even after cancelling and trying the submission again. NOW that I decide to share the report here, it is showing who the reports should have gone to. %$#[at] Now you see it, now you don't. 3 minutes later (after re-checking the link before posting this note) and the link parse is gone. Does anyone else see or not see it? Spamcop acting like my ex-husband??
  5. Bumpkin

    Heavy on the rant, pass the cartooney, please

    Sir, you managed to quote something I posted 2 1/2 years ago that wasn't anywhere close to responding to your original post of last month. Your Instant Kneejerk Bull-S--T is what needs to stop. Harrassment before a lawsuit is usually not recommended by lawyers. I would recommend that you stop until you figure out where your real problem is. Have a nice day.
  6. Bumpkin

    Terrific anti-spam resource

    I started a discussion on this in NANAE back in July, and provided this link for people interested in the "Blue Frog Initiative": http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory?id=962392 It looks like fighting abuse with abuse. To me it appears they are going to be DDOS'ing what appear to be the spammer's website. If a joe job were pulled on a site, this DDOS could be more effective than the joe job itself. Here's a link (in tinyurl) to the google group where the original discussion started. Admittedly, it turned into a partial flamefest, but USENET is full of that sort of amusement. http://tinyurl.com/8l7ll
  7. Bumpkin

    Blue security

    Hi Merlyn, LTNS! Here's a link to a discussion I started in NANAE.... it went off on a few tangents, but it seems that other than one person, the general consensus was that Blue Frog's DDOS against a spammer is nothing more than fighting abuse with abuse (not condoned by the "general" anti-spam cmty). http://groups.google.com/group/news.admin....ad6d4dedc?tvc=1 There's also a discussion on /.: http://it.slashdot.org/it/05/07/18/1214226.shtml?tid=111 And on BS's own blog: 174.tdSHa9aKa4I.0[at]3c3e88bc!discloc=.3c3e9cf1]http://community.bluesecurity.com/webx?14[at]..scloc=.3c3e9cf1
  8. I'd like to start seeing responses to the complaints about their own spam-spewing vermin users. They don't want to cut off their own customers, even when they are obviously infected with a virus or worm that sends out spam on an hourly basis. It's a start, but I don't think it's good enough.
  9. When I get an e-mail that states "copy and paste this URL to your browser", it's become difficult to keep my fingers from typing in the "http://www." in front of it! I know I can't alter the spam, but how do I get these reported without spending a ton of time manually parsing?
  10. Bumpkin

    But *I* want to report them!

    The e-mails are all spam spam spam. "To get your lifetime prescription for \/|[at]gr[at] copy and paste this URL into your browser: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/viagra4u" (and if not an IP address, it's somewierdcombinationofletters . com/something) There's no "http://" indicating that there's a url to be found (not sure if that's the trigger in the parser). I've got an itchy trigger finger
  11. Borrowed from a NANAE post... wanted to bring it over to share :-) http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn7718 A quote: "A team from IBM and Cornell University in New York state, US, developed the anti-spam technique, which they call "SMTP Path Analysis". It involves examining information embedded in email messages about the route it has taken across the internet. This allows it to make a good guess as to whether or not a new message is electronic junk mail." Er....
  12. Bumpkin

    Just Wondering...

    I may have to take a nice drive this weekend and have lunch in Sanford Terra server is a good one. But I just googled my address and my workplace. Little creeped out because I spotted my car in the workplace satellite image. I hope that wasn't the day I ran rampant through the parking lot.....
  13. It's probably easier for them to go after the smaller spammers. The larger ones pay too much to the lobbyists in DC....
  14. Bumpkin

    Company Bypasses Cookie-Deleting Consumers

    It'll be interesting to see how long it takes for someone to create a Firefox plugin to kill this off. I guess the only other way to avoid this new critter is to not allow flash. I wish there was a "don't allow anything" button in browsers, it'd be easier to instruct my mom (and other clueless users). Anyone know of an online client list of these yo-yo's so I can just block them?
  15. How will Spamcop handle the reports when the false bounces and misdirected C/R's start pouring in? Will they be accepted?
  16. Bumpkin


    I always knew there was a .com, the .org appeared to be something new to me. Of course, I google AFTER I post, not before. Apologies for that! It's nice to see them as they are below (Found thanks to dnsstuff) MX = http://spews.org/html/S2731.html http://groups.google.ca/groups?selm=YzwJa....8&output=gplain http://www.spamcannibal.org/cannibal.cgi?p...up=
  17. Bumpkin


    I found this little goody this morning... went to the site and found NOTHING about their spam services. I suppose the fact that the word "spamcop" isn't mentioned anywhere on their site, and they are based in Florida doesn't mean much....
  18. Bumpkin

    Weird Spam Messages

    Welcome to SpamCop! I believe I know what you're talking about. I believe you've selected to view the technical details when manually submitting spam. What you are seeing is the actual process SpamCop goes through to "parse" the header (figure out where it's come from) as well as any links. The odd text you are seeing may not be visible to you in the spam, but is visible in the code. This is hidden text, and quite a few spammers use it to make their spam appear as valid e-mail, well, at least valid to spam filters. I've got Eudora and XP as well, and have been an avid SC user for more than a few years. Hope this helps!
  19. Bumpkin

    Portscan Intrusion

    What I tell our remote reps is that they should never be on the internet unprotected. When you connect to the internet, you're connecting to computers who have connected to other computers who have connected to other computers who have connected to other computers and so on and so on. If you practice safe hex, then you're good to go. /ok so it's a bad pun and i could have found a better word than hex....
  20. Bumpkin

    Portscan Intrusion

    Your responses are rude and antagonistic, especially to very simple statements. Did you come here for help or to start a flame war? If you didn't want responses, you probably should not have posted here. Firewalls can be dangerous with a little knowledge, and can be quite helpful with more than just a little knowledge. Learning your firewall and its alerting system can assist you better than a community forum that doesn't have anything to do with your firewall system. I've gotten a ton of help here, and I've found that sugar always works better than vinegar.
  21. Bumpkin

    All from the same place?

    A GGS of "slurp[at]inktomi.com" turned up a ton of postings showing this to be the reporting address. I agree that it's not professional, and even questionable. Why would the name of a bot be their abuse address?
  22. Bumpkin

    new logo for 'here'

    Raising hand... How can I contact someone to ask a few questions?
  23. Bumpkin

    Happy Holidays are over already?

    Hey Wazoo! Happy New Year!!! I'll be taking the weekend off and will be back to spamfighting next year. Y'all have a safe holiday and make it back here in one piece.
  24. Bumpkin

    Happy Holidays are over already?

    It's sad that in this day and age of constant change, people are still unhappy with change! I know I'm not the only one who saw the "Happy Holidays" at the top of my screen when I visited yesterday, but it's beyond me how anyone can see that, in a PM of all things, as spam. Sorry that the holidays couldn't be happier here!
  25. Bumpkin

    Contacting SpamCop about a problem

    What you might want to do is create a new e-mail address that you use for just friends and family. When you subscribe to something, use your old spam-ridden e-mail address. This will (for the most part) keep your new e-mail address clean and shiny.