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    SPAM tracker

    I think what you need to do is post your mail server IP here, identify the domain you are spamming for, and post an example of your spam, er, newsletter here. That way we can all preemptively include you on our own personal blocklists.
  2. Bumpkin

    Godzilla turning 50

    Did you hear that Godzilla is getting his own star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood?? (trying very hard to type "L"'s and not "R"'s) I think it's great! All the phonies out there with their "craft", and a guy in a plastic monster suit gets a star.
  3. Bumpkin

    We hired the wrong marketing company

    VERY very OT here but.... I posted to the NG's about a RipOffReport on SpamCop. Quite a few people think that ROR is like our FreaSpeach Store friend, but the problem is that the site is read by about 2 million more people than FSS. Just took a look, and a very well informed response was posted to a consumer complaint about SC, but there's a new one complaint there now. Looks like someone in Indy is a little PO'd. Know of any spanked spammers in Indianapolis?
  4. Bumpkin

    Blocked Because of my auto responce?

    Knee jerk reactions like this usually do not get valid, knowledgeable responses. Asking who do you sue when it seems you do not have your information correct just labels you as a "cartooney" (please google the term, you'll find lots of resources on it). There's a big difference between wanting to find a solution and coming here to rant. Please clarify what you would like. Thanks!
  5. Bumpkin

    New Spam email message that disgusts me..

    I receive viral e-mails that appear to be from myself sometimes. Instead of playing "who's got a virus?", I contact the technical contact for the originating IP address. I usually forward the original header information with the originating IP highlighted, letting them know that a virus is originating from their server. In the case of one I'm dealing with this week, I just called our ISP and asked them to put a block on an IP that's been spewing viral mails for over two weeks and the administrator/postmaster/techie is non-responsive.
  6. Bumpkin

    New Spam email message that disgusts me..

    Forgot to mention... Phishing definiton: In computing, phishing is luring sensitive information, such as passwords and financial data, from a victim by masquerading as someone trustworthy with a real need for such information. The term was coined in the mid nineties by crackers attempting to steal AOL accounts. The initial communication with the victim is usually in the form of an e-mail message. Typically this will provide a link to a fake webpage (which may link to other fake pages) which looks like one of a trustworthy company, in order to fraudulently take personal information - for example a website appearing exactly like one of PayPal's in order to obtain credit card details. Checking the URL in the address bar of the browser may not be sufficient, as, in some browsers, that can be faked too. The file properties feature of the browser may disclose the real URL of the fake webpage.
  7. Bumpkin

    New Spam email message that disgusts me..

    In reference to the OP's e-mail, this is not a phish, but a joe job. Definition (courtesy of searchcio): A Joe job is an e-mail spoofing exploit in which someone sends out huge volumes of spam that appear to be from someone other than the actual source. A Joe job is sometimes conducted as an act of revenge on someone who reports a spammer to their Internet service provider (ISP) or publicly advocates anti-spam legislation. The perpetrator is said to be Joeing the legitimate owner of the e-mail address they use. The Joe job is one of the oldest spamming operations in existence, and one of the simplest ones to carry out: the spammer may not have to do anything more than change the "Reply To" address in their e-mail program. The term originated from an attack on Joe Doll, proprietor of Joe's CyberPost (joes.com). Doll's Web site, online since 1994, offers free Web pages to anyone who agrees to his stipulated rules, which include "good netiquette when publicizing your page." In 1996, one of his free page users sent bulk, unsolicited messages to a number of newsgroups. When questioned, the user claimed to have been unaware that this behavior contravened Doll's rules. Soon afterwards, the same person started promoting their Web page through an e-mail spam campaign and Doll terminated the user's account. One of the recipients-turned-spammer retaliated with threats, mail bombs, and forged messages to spam lists that made the messages appear to come from Doll. The recipients of the forged e-mail messages, believing Doll had sent the spam, retaliated by attacking joes.com and disabling Joe's CyberPost for over 10 days. No company in their right mind would advertise that they are terrorist friendly. The sites that are.... well, they're usually unknown to the general public. The spam should be reported as such... spam. It's 99% likely that it is nothing more than that.
  8. Bumpkin

    Mysterious guests and anonymous users!

    And sometimes it's just us folks who don't automatically log in when they come to the forums only to realize they haven't logged in until they click the "reply" button to a post.
  9. Bumpkin

    Wow what a forum!

    Visions of SNL's Computer Guy, Nick Burns just popped into my head. I think the point that most people miss is that dorks/geeks/IT people speak a completely different language than the rest of the world. While I agree that most of us need to fine-tune our vocabulary (and tempers) so we don't blow users away with techno-geekspeak, I also believe that if people are going to come here and complain, they should understand what they are complaining about first. You're a great interpreter, Miss Betsy.
  10. So now that C/R spam can't be reported as spam, even though it is automated and bulk, anyone know of a BL that handles reporting C/R systems? Personally, I hate em, even though I had a potential client e-mail me from one. I think that if I'm responding to an e-mail he originated, I shouldn't have to deal with the C/R. Too bad, he'll never find out we can't provide what he wants. His mail system was added to my personal BL that I keep.
  11. Bumpkin

    This service really sucks

    davidll, If you don't mind, please check back in and let us know how things go for you.
  12. Bumpkin

    This service really sucks

    If you are the one not receiving e-mail, maybe you should consider asking your ISP to please turn off the spam filtering on your account? It is virtually impossible for Spamcop to have every single one of your correspondent's ISP's on it's blocklist, unless you are doing business with questionable sources. It appears that your ISP has the clamp locked a little too tightly and is not only not letting spam through, but nothing else. SpamCop cannot be held responsible for your ISP wanting to keep spam out of its network. If the problem is that your customer is not receiving your e-mails, then your ISP is on the SpamCop blocklist for supporting spammers. The problem is either one way or the other. None of us are sure which way, so it is difficult to dissect your information so we can give you a satisfactory answer. (Not a SpamCop, just a user)
  13. Quoting the OP: not listed in bl.spamcop.net Ouch. BUT...... From spews: -, Cogent (Eddy Marin / SCR Concepts inc / OmniPointMarketing.com) Link: http://spews.org/ask.cgi?S373 From PSBL: Query Results Currently listed in PSBL? Yes. spam and removal history for (times in UTC): Thu Aug 12 01:07:30 2004 spamtrap hit Not real sure your problem is with SpamCop.net at this point. If your own ISP is blocking you, you may just want to pick up the phone to find out why.
  14. Bumpkin

    I hate Spamcop and SPAM

    I found the MX record for sagonetworks.com to be and ran it on DNSStuff. Domain Type Class TTL Answer sagonetworks.com. MX IN 3600 mx.sagonet.com. [Preference = 10] mx.sagonet.com. A IN 600 When running a rev. DNS on sagonetworks.com: PTR record: sagonet.com. [TTL 3600s] [A=] *ERROR* A record does not point back to original IP. When checking the spam database: FIVETENIGNORE LISTED ( Reports CNAME of sagonet.com.spam-support.blackholes.five-ten-sg.com. TXT= "added 2003-10-10; spam support - dns server on for rbcoffers.biz" (and also got the same SPEWS listing you found, Merlyn.) And last, but not least, for some interesting reading: http://groups.google.com/groups?as_q=sagon...use.*&scoring=d
  15. Bumpkin

    Simple English Answers Please

    This is quite easy. I believe that you are wanting to do is "parse" the header to get the true information behind it. You need to go to http://www.spamcop.net and login. Once you log in there is a field that you can paste the full header into. Click the "Process spam" button, then once you receive the parsing information, cancel the spam report. If this is not what you're needing, please reply so someone can try to help a bit more!
  16. Stopped reading and snipped right there. It's very hard to read anything from a members.aol page and take it seriously, but thanks for defining what a troll is or the OP would have never known!
  17. Hrm..... no replies to actual questions, just knee jerk reactions. Happens to me sometimes too, but not when it's "critical" or "ruining me". Those who have posted here trying to help deserve some kudos, especially Miss Betsy for not blowing a gasket. For those who "needed help", I hope you get it and that you choose to handle matters in a different manner in the future. Preferably while sedated....
  18. Bumpkin

    Unhappy camper that can't read the FAQ

    OK, maybe this one will be easier to answer: What led you here? Who got the SpamCop notice? That will help you find the "customer" of the ISP that is utilizing the block list. If you have the SpamCop notice, please post it in the help forum so someone can try to help instead of trading barbs.
  19. Who told you to stop subscribing to SpamCop? If it was someone here, they should know better. Once again, *someone's* ISP (either yours or the sender's) is using blocklists that include the SCBL (the SpamCop Block List). Is SWB or ipowerweb providing your mail service? (ie. what pop and smtp server do you put in your e-mail program?) That may provide the users here with more information that can help someone get to the bottom of your problem. The problem could very well be that your e-mail provider is attributing the bounced-back mail to SpamCop incorrectly (it's happened before unfortunately). Thanks!
  20. I've been on ISP's ranging from very small, rural ISP's to large, high-speed networks, and they all offer "spam blocking" in one form or another, and they should (note I said SHOULD, not "do") offer a way to turn it on and off on a particular account. Forcing a user to block spam if they do not want to may not be a good business model. Blocking spam should be an option OR if you are blocking spam, being able to whitelist should be an option. If your ISP is having to "work on the problem", they probably don't have a clue what they're doing (possibly why they're on so many BL's to begin with?).
  21. Bumpkin

    Unhappy camper that can't read the FAQ

    A bit of research found your IP listed on more BL's than just SpamCop. If you would like to avoid all blocklists, I would recommend that you discontinue relying on e-mail for any type of communication OR find a reputable mail host instead of just the cheapest. This link will show you what blocklists the IP referenced in another thread is on: http://www.dnsstuff.com/tools/ip4r.ch?ip= Spamcop is just one BL that it is on. Your childish responses to people attempting to help you are getting nowhere (but is surely getting your BP up!). Please, read some of the responses and hold your temper. People are trying to help you, believe it or not. Now, if you don't want help and would rather do nothing but toss around insults and accusations, why aren't you on Usenet using the name "moris"?
  22. It seems to me that at this point everyone here is wasting time by trying to reply and work this out. The false accusations and downright misguided and uneducated insults by the OP and buddy make for interesting reading, (watch out for those black helicopters!), but they are obviously wanting a fight and not wanting to find a solution for themselves, such as (gasp) calling their ISP and finding out about whitelisting. Now, reading the thread for humor on the other hand.... well.... that's what I just did....
  23. Bumpkin

    Spam-Friendly or not?

    I've been a member of MyPoints since the old days when I didn't know a durn thing about spam. I haven't downloaded their little toolbar, but I did sign up to receive promo e-mails (to a specified Yahoo account that goes on all sign ups to anything), and all I do is click a link to accumulate points. They're not tracking my browsing habits because I have nothing from them installed. They just know that I'm utilizing the links. I really don't care about that part. I've gotten a lot of free stuff for clicking those links. I don't have any complaints.
  24. Bumpkin

    Take our Domain off your blacklist. listed in bl.spamcop.net ( Causes of listing System has sent mail to SpamCop spam traps in the past week (spam traps are secret, no reports or evidence are provided by SpamCop) Additional potential problems (these factors do not directly result in spamcop listing) DNS error: has no reverse dns Listing History It has been listed for 26 hours
  25. Question: What about spam that Spammy built to appear as a forward? For example, one I received yesterday had bogus "headers" in the "forwarded message" spam. Spamcop wouldn't accept it. If Spammy figures that one out, no spam will be reportable.