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    Why is my mailserver blacklisted

    As an Intrex.net dial-up customer, I'm interested as well. It shows the server has been sending to spam traps. Is there an anti-virus program sending automatic replies to (usually) forged senders? That seems to be the culprit quite often.
  2. Bumpkin

    YB's Non-answers

    I'm curious. Usually trolls are someone who feels they've been burned in some way. Seems to me one or two e-mails being blocked isn't a very good reason for a major vendetta. Is yourbuddy: 1. A spammer on a sinking or sunken ship? or 2. The frea speach store? or 3. Richter?
  3. Bumpkin

    Malicious Reporting of a message..

    Is it possible that a report was sent to the ISP, just the report, after a single spam was submitted, and someone at the ISP mis-read the report and overreacted? I agree that the ISP has some 'splainin to do.
  4. Bumpkin

    YB's Non-answers

    Geez I hope you're not working with my company on our benefits. I'd hate to see us doing business with someone because someone in HR got a neat-0 e-mail. I'd rather just apply the SBL using common sense, filtering out e-mail marked as spam to go through at a later time instead of deleting it. It's still a waste of bandwidth, but I have a lower chance of losing an e-mail.
  5. Bumpkin

    Blocked company email

    It's quite possible that the OP's was, er, getting in the way of his typing and interrupted the IP address.
  6. Bumpkin

    Bad blacklist entries

    http://groups.google.com/groups?q=ipowerwe...F-8&sa=N&tab=wg http://www.dnsstuff.com/tools/ip4r.ch?ip= Ouch. Much much bigger problems than the SCBL. Is it always your policy to shoot first, ask questions later?
  7. Bumpkin

    This is a help desk

    Wow.... not often when I see "your website sucks and if you don't change it I'm going to complain! You need to work harder with your formatting and help me more!" although we've seen lots of "I can't click the help link, so I'm here to complain. I can't read pinned posts because they obviously DO NOT apply to me." OTOH, it seems to me that reject messages should point the user to the administrator of the ISP, not a link here on SpamCop. It should be up to the admin, not the user, to properly take care of their e-mail server. Sending a msg to an e-mail user isn't getting the job done, it's just filling these forums with nonsense and elitism because no one will read THE BASIC INFORMATION first! Telling people over and over and overandoverandoverandover again to "contact your ISP" is redudant and after a couple years of being a SpamCop member and lurking in the ng's and forum, it seems like telling people isn't doing much good. They should be going to their ISP to begin with instead of a blocklist. Common sense, but then, this is the internet where it's uncommon to see any sense at all.
  8. The most important aspect to responsible spam reporting is reviewing where the reports are sent and selecting only those contacts who should be getting spam reports. If your own server is listed in the reports and you chose to report it anyway, it is not the fault of SpamCop...
  9. Uh, not a good idea to post your brand shiny new e-mail address on a public message board unless you LIKE spam. Never assume anything on the internet is private. You may want to start looking now for a new e-mail address that you can keep clean. Others here have made several good suggestions.
  10. Bumpkin

    Spamcop works arbitrary and untrustworthy!!

    Cartooney (noun): Any type of threat, legal or physical, without merit. (Below text is taken from standard replies to questions and threats such as this in the newsgroups) Please note that SpamCop is not interfering with your e-mail. Use of SpamCop's blocking list is purely optional and used at the discretion of ISP administrators. You should realize that no ISP is obligated to accept e-mail from your mail server, and you cannot sue SpamCop just because an ISP choses to use SpamCop's block list. Many ISPs try to prevent spam from reaching their users. Because you choose to use an ISP that is not handling its spam problem quickly enough, other ISPs are blocking mail from your ISP's mail server. You need to complain to your ISP and tell them that you are having trouble sending e-mail because they are not removing spammers from their service quickly enough. (not an admin, just a conscious, cautious user)
  11. Bumpkin

    Viruses as retribution?

    There are more viruses than we know what to do with right now. As of yesterday, 10 new viruses have appeared since Friday (2/27). You need to keep your AV software up-to-date (and since updates are coming out daily, check in the AM and PM). You need to be suspicious of attachments. "Yourbuddy" has a great post listing attachment extensions to be wary of in this thread: http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=551 It's not you, it's the whiney scri_pt kiddies who want media attention.
  12. The virus searches drives C: thru Z: looking for e-mail addresses in just about any type of file.... html, txt, eml, etc etc etc. This isn't just an Outlook virus. Unfortunately, I discovered that my "safe" e-mail program (non-std address books saved as encrypted text) isn't as safe as I thought. I also discovered that my "auto-updating" AV software isn't as up-to-date as I'd like it to be. In a network full of non-IT people, those two things combined set off a bad sequence of events today. :angry: <rant> Thanks to a couple of whiney scri_pt kiddies who want more media coverage than the "netsky" writer, the bagle/beagle virus and mydoom virus are being updated and released daily with additional insults to each other written into the code. My users here got a surprise education in viruses and safe computing today. I would have sworn to you last week that I had the greatest users on any network. Being smart and safe is nothing when the AV companies can't keep up with a couple kids. </rant>
  13. Bumpkin

    Tracking Codes used by Spammers

    Here's an example of how they can track as well. My address was inserted into the reply path, the return path, as well as the standard unsub link. Brought to you by your buddies at OptInRealBig.spam: Return-Path: <b.esale2.0-2f149d1-321d.<My e-mail address was inserted here>[at]d1.tekmailer.com> Received: from [] (HELO d1.tekmailer.com) by <X> (CommuniGate Pro SMTP 4.1.8) with ESMTP id 35667981 for <X>; Sat, 21 Feb 2004 10:21:22 -0600 Received: (from daemon[at]localhost) by d1.tekmailer.com (8.8.8/8.8.8) id IAA34905; Sat, 21 Feb 2004 08:46:22 -0500 (EST) Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 11:25:47 -0500 (EST) Message-Id: <200402211346.IAA34905[at]d1.tekmailer.com> From: Pet Stuff <esale2[at]d1.tekmailer.com> To: <X> Subject: Coupon for pet needs. Order online. MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/html; charset="iso-8859-1" and at the bottom of the spam: <DIV> <FONT FACE="helvetica,arial" SIZE="-1" COLOR="#000000"> To unsubscribe from this mailing list: <A HREF="http://d1.tekmailer.com/delete?l=esale2.0-2fd1-31d&e=.<My e-mail address was inserted here>">click here</A><BR> or send a blank message to: <A HREF="mailto:r.esale2.0-2fd1-3d..<My e-mail address was inserted here>[at]d1.tekmailer.com?subject=remove">r.esale2.0-2fd1-31d..<My e-mail address was inserted here>[at]d1.tekmailer.com</A><BR> </FONT> </DIV><BR> <div align="center"> <font face="helvetica,arial" size="-1" color="#000000"> Optinrealbig.com LLC<br> 1333 W 120th Ave. Suite 101<br> Westminster, Colorado 80234<br> USA<br> </font> </div>
  14. Bumpkin

    Why is SpamCop on MY domain?

    "Cartooney n. Term for legal threat sent in the hope of scaring the recipient. Derives from 'Cartoon Attorney'. A Cartooney generally contains promises of legal action under irrelevant or non-existent laws, and is often written by one who has not consulted a proper lawyer and has little intention of ever doing so as generally the Cartooney sender is on the wrong side of the law to begin with."
  15. Bumpkin

    yourbuddy trolling 1

    I think first you should consider explaining why you are trolling the forums and flaming anyone who posts anything other than "i'm blocked!", then we may be able to have an intelligent conversation instead of watching you toss rocks at your glass house. Apparently you've got an issue with Spamcop. If you'd like it resolved, it's much easier to deal with facts than assumptions and accusations that can't be backed up. If you want logic, please use it so it can be returned in kind.
  16. ...How will you determine the "'anti-virus' sender?" The reason I ask is that if you bounce it to the "From" address, you could be sending it to some hapless e-mail user whose address was forged. The "antivirus sender" would be the admin with his mail server configured to do so. They're sending me a reply to an e-mail that I did not send because my e-mail address was spoofed. As the mydoom infections seem to be getting under control, the AV notices have definitely dropped off. Since our mail is administered by our ISP, I've gotten with them and worked out some filters that will be in place when the next round of virus activities start up again. Wishing I had a big stick I could walk softly with....
  17. Bumpkin

    yourbuddy trolling 3

    Then (by your own definition), you would be sending spam. If using my own definition, we would not be sending commercial e-mail. It could possibly be considered bulk if the replies went back to the same server time and time again. However, these are coming from dozens of different servers and dozens of different AV companies. It's either fight back or sit here with a jar of vaseline and wait to get screwed. I'd rather these so-called "sysadmins" would learn to properly take care of their mail servers instead of taking the easy "default" way out.
  18. Bumpkin

    yourbuddy trolling 3

    Possible solution? We are getting so many of these piece of crap e-mails (300+ a day at the peak of MyDoom) from every single AV program I've heard of, and some I haven't, that we are considering blocking the servers that they come from. With the block we would also be bouncing the e-mail back to the originating "anti-virus" sender as well as the AV company, notifying them that they have been blocked because of the bulk, commercial e-mail they insist on sending. If they're going to configure their servers this way, they should deal with the consequences of sending spam. We should be allowed to submit these e-mails as spam because that's simply what they are.
  19. But when a new user does the original posting, what then? I check both the newsgroups and the webforum. As this is a help forum, I would think questions and answers are applicable posts. Anyone in IT could access newsgroups, but what about the non-IT pro who gets a bounce stating their IP has been blocked and barely managed to find this website? There seem to be just as many of those types of users as users who are in some type of IT field. There are still quite a few people in IT who have no idea how e-mail works, how a mail server works, what a block list does, etc., because it is not their field of specialty. I deal with some of the smartest programmers in the world, but they don't even know how to clear their internet cache or look at full headers. Not trying to instigate, just my opinion after observing.
  20. It is against the rules to report virus infected emails using SpamCop. AV Notifications aren't infected e-mails, but they are unsolicited commercial e-mail. I always thought UCE = spam. I get 100+ e-mails per day falsely notifying me that I sent a virus and to please download and buy their software that (AHA!) caught the virus.... and I can't report them to anyone other than a completely clueless admin?? I don't exactly agree with that, I see these AV notifications as spam and a blight on the AV market. Yesterday I started using the boilerplates that were kindly posted, but that got old after about 50 e-mails. At what point does someone report me for spamming just because I'm replying to these $#[at]% e-mails??? This is going to go from bad to worse as people figure out what AV companies have their server software set up for these, and start shopping for other software that won't get them harrassed.
  21. Does anyone have a boilerplate response that can be sent to mail admins in reference to the subject?
  22. Bumpkin

    Spam vs the Right to Communicate

    Ever heard of webmail services like hotmail? You're not restricted to using a spammer's mail server, you have lots of other options. Please note that Spamcop is a blocklist. It is up to the ISP concerned as to whether they will utilize it or not. Spamcop does not force people to use its service because it is NOT a service. Using it is purely optional. If your ISP is utilizing a blocklist, it should have properly notified you. There are plenty of other blocklists out there, Spamcop is not the only one. When you're blocked by another blocklist, are you going to go to such lengths to post on their site as well? My mail filtering using blocklists and software has not damaged me yet, nor has it caused me to lose mail. It could be because I'm utilizing both of them correctly. This is a serious issue that Spamcop cannot help with as it is not responsible. Users turn in the spam, no one goes out hunting, and abusers are taken care of appropriately. If an ISP's IP has been unfairly blocked, it is dealt with appropriately as well, sometimes resulting in the IP being removed from the blocklist. Please read the above posts carefully. You don't seem to be understanding how this all works. Everything is optional on the net, including the forced receipt of e-mail.
  23. Bumpkin

    More about Freeserve...

    Small isn't always a bad thing. Just ask my ex-husband.
  24. I just love that.... virmen. It definitely classifies the unwanted viral marketing of AV products through "concerned" e-mails about our protection. It's too bad that virmen can't be reported thru spamcop. They're not bounces, and I can't justify the classification of them being bounces. If the AV companies are going to be getting into mail admin, I'd like to suggest that they come up with a better mousetrap instead of losing their cheese over every spoofed e-mail address. I usually send the virmen back to the mail administrator with the suggestion that it is considered to be spam, and I send a copy along to their upstream provider. Of course, I use my admin ID when I do that....
  25. where 24 = RFC1891 and 25 = RFC1894 Even though the RFCs require it, I would think it prudent to avoid generating a DSN when the system can detect that the mail was forged (in particular when the content matches a known forging worm's signature). However, anyone's assertion that such a DSN message is spam seems to ignore the standards required of the Internet. This states that a non-delivery report be sent. I don't see where it requires AV users to reply to a forged sender notifying them that they supposedly sent a virus. Bounces being reported as spams are completely different.