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  1. Our SOP with viral virus responses is to write to the administrator of the system once, letting them know they've sent an unsolicited commercial reply to a forged address, and future responses like the original will get them on our personal blacklist. I see e-mails like those as spam, even tho I don't report them here.
  2. Please post the original message you received stating that you are on the Spamcop blocklist, with the IP address in question, and someone will be able to provide you with more assistance. Thanks!
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    I'm VERY angry!

    I'm a customer of spamcop and I turn in my spam so the originating IP will be added to their blocklist, and I do it very enthusiastically. ISP's who are known to disregard spam reports and complaints are known as "spam friendly", and yes, there are more ISP's than we realize that are taking action against spammers. My remedy is to keep reporting spam and to use Spamcop's blocklist. I've found that not only am I not missing any e-mail, I'm getting a lot less spam that I have to wade through to find the one e-mail I'm looking for. Please note that most people who post here in the forums are users that choose to help and not employees of Spamcop.