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  1. Your point is well taken, petzl! Thank you for the advice. =^..^=
  2. That's interesting, Farelf. Thanks for the link to those other horror stories. With Comcast, at any rate, I wish they'd be as keen on filtering incoming spam as they are on filtering legitimate customers' outgoing messages. But then, the kickbacks would stop. =^..^=
  3. Thank you very much, Don, for your help! I sent a test message to the SpamCop "submit" address and did in fact receive an error message from SpamCop in return. I also received an automatic response from SpamCop regarding the test spam you sent to my account. When next I receive actual spam, it'll be sent on to the "missed-spam" address you provided in addition to the "submit" address: I've added the "missed-spam" address to the list of spam-reporting services in my MailWasherPro 2001 utility, where it joins the "submit" address (which has been there all along). I'm amazed to learn my Internet service provider may be filtering my outgoing messages to SpamCop. It makes one wonder what else they're filtering. In the event, thanks again for your timely assistance in this matter! =^..^=
  4. SpamCop quit sending me e-mail messages (again) several days ago. I went to the "Help" page and was informed of the new system. So I followed the instructions, entered my e-mail address and provider name, received an e-mail from SpamCop and followed the link. There, I entered the entire e-mail (copied from "Show source" view) and was told: Now, the drop-down menus on the "mailhost menu" page contain dozens of listings. I've no idea what they all mean; nor do I know whether or not I've successfully completed the task of getting SpamCop to work again. The quote, above, does not fill me with confidence! I've only one e-mail address and only one e-mail provider. What am I doing wrong, if anything? Help! Your advice and/or assistance in this bamboozling matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. =^..^=