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  1. What isn't clear from this morning's announcement (which hasn't yet been posted to the SpamCop Email System News page, BTW) is whether or not this was planned. Saying "the system is down" is just stating the obvious. "We are going to also do..." implies that the system crashed yet again, and because of that, they decided to do something other than the obvious "Band-Aid fixes" they've been doing recently.


    email_support's response to us will be silence....

    and they think we'll be like Eeyore "not that it matters, or that anyone cares"...

    WRONG, it does matter & I do care.

    Their complete disdain for their client base is absolutely pathetic.

    A happy customer tells a few folks, I was a happy customer & told others, some became subscribers.

    I'm no longer "happy", I've tried via private email, I've tried via this forum, I've tried via PM's here too, as well as the twitter feed. Guess what, I'm tellin' EVERYONE I'm not happy.

    It isn't like I haven't tried, repeatedly, and in good faith. I've wanted and wished for cesmail to get their "act together", and & I've waited, hoping & praying... to no avail.

    My gawd, perhaps this entire vehement diatribe could have been avoided if cesmail would have just COMMUNICATED, with us here, with me via email or PM...

    I get it, when your up to your butt in alligators it's hard to remember that your initial objective was to drain the damned swamp... but WE the paying CUSTOMERS to whom cesmail is "supposedly" providing a SERVICE are up to our butts too when cesmail goes down. We deserve BETTER than what we've been receiving, both in quality of service provided, AND in COMMUNICATION from cesmail when the problems have occurred.

    Until now, I've refrained from divulging any email response from cesmail support, but here it is, my request & their "answer"... Judge for yourselves....


    As a very long term subscriber, I am dismayed by the recent, and increasing frequency of outages. Further I am appalled by the lack of communication, the length of time it takes for cesmail to acknowledge the outage, the lack of details about the cause of the outage, lack of timely updates during the outages, and lack of details about the resolution.

    My faith in cesmail has been shaken to the core.

    Please respond, addressing the above listed concerns, and help me

    regain a measure of confidence that cesmail is the correct email provider for me.



    SpamCop Support <support-cases[at]spamcop.net>

    Hi - I apologize for the outages. I post in the forums - http://forum.spamcop.net in the email news section regarding the recent outages. We endeavor to post timely information as we know it on the forum, the front page of the webmail login and on twitter (cesmail_status).

  2. OK, forum mods, it's time to remove the restriction about talking about other email providers. I don't give a flying **** if JT pulls the plug on this whole thing--we all need to move our business elsewhere you you need to get out of our way.


    "> This is a User to User Support Forum

    The primary mode of support here is peer-to-peer, meaning users helping other users. (please remember this at all times!)

    Another try:

    This forum is composed of people who have used spamcop and those who are learning about anti-spam efforts."

    yet when we try to help each other because cesmail direct support is laughable, the mods "squelch" our voices. I have come to the conclusion that cesmail is an "after-thought" or a "hobby", and as such can no longer be considered a serious nor a viable provider.

    Out of the over 88,000 posts on this forum only 148 or so are from email_support that's 0.1682% of the posts. That's a VERY clear indication, to me at least, that we, the paid subscribers, are NOT their primary focus, if we ever were...

    "your mileage may vary"... :angry:

  3. Looks like cesmail is down again.....

    Gateway Timeout

    The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server.

    Reference #1.48a324a.1396103127.18004217

    Task 'spamcop.net - Receiving' reported error (0x80042108) : 'Outlook cannot connect to your incoming (POP3) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'


    4th time this month.....

  4. If we can trust the estimated annual revenue figure found at http://www.manta.com/c/mtm6cc1/corporate-email-services for cesmail, there are less than 2000 of us paid subscribers.

    Or if we look at user numbers here in the forum, that appear to increment with each "new" registrant, there's roughly 11,600 users....

    So, either there's a bunch of folks that have "come 'n gone" over the years, there's a small core of long-term customers, or somewhere in-between.

    Regardless, cesmail provides a service. Recently that service has been lacking & has become suspect. Confidence in cesmail has been shaken. When cesmail has an outage, and our ONLY point of contact is via a cesmail hosted email address or via a forum that sees little to no activity from cesmail until hours after there's a problem, and that activity is "nondescript" at best... it does not foster confidence.

    To my way of thinking, I've not seen anything from cesmail that has given me any reassurance that the outages, which have become more frequent, will not continue to become more frequent, and possibly include data loss.

    I do appreciate that, so far, no email has been lost. I do not appreciate time sensitive emails being delayed hours to nearly a day.

    While I have been a loyal subscriber for years, I, like others, am compelled to ask questions, require detailed answers, and investigate other providers. This is not something that I am taking "lightly" or as a "knee-jerk" reaction. When my opportunities & revenues are affected, alternatives have to be considered, and changes have to be made. <_<

    "your mileage may vary".... each of us has to make our own determination.


  5. A trace route shows good, but trying to telnet in to check SMTP fails. Two obvious possibilities include an internal routing or switch configuration issue, or a complete server failure. There are other possibilities.

    I know they have their hands full, trying to restore service, but a communication to subscribers, either via this forum, the news page, or their twitter feed would do WONDERS for subscriber moral & subscriber faith.

    I'd much rather be told something along the lines of "the server has had a catastrophic failure, we do not yet have an estimate on service restoration" than have no communication at all.

    Until recently, Spamcop/cesmail has served me well. I've been a paid subscriber since the mid to late 90's, and continue to report/contribute spam to help keep the RBL viable.

    Two unexplained outages in less than two weeks is seriously shaking my confidence in cesmail. I understand equipment failure, I understand unintended consequences when someone changes a routing table without fully understanding the configuration. I've been "caught on my own pitchfork" more times than I can remember. cesmail is a service business. One of the quickest ways to kill a service business is to not provide service. Communication, especially when there are problems/outages, is part of that service.

    I feel slighted, and am not happy, nor do I have "warm fuzzy feelings", given the lack of communications from cesmail.

    "your mileage may vary"...

    John :unsure:

  6. ...John, please be aware that the "confirmation" from Don is not communication in the sense I believe you mean (communication from someone in a position to do anything about the problem). Don is SpamCop staff and SpamCop is only associated with SpamCop e-mail to the extent of integration in some sense between the e-mail service and SpamCop's spam filtering and parsing service. E-mail is run by CES, which is not only a different department/ division but a whole separate company, entirely! The best Don can do is to try to contact the CES folks using whatever contact resources he has available to him which, hopefully, is at least somewhat more than this forum and the Twitter account.

    My intent was to acknowledge that "someone" within the "system" and with contact information that I/we are not privy to, is making an attempt to help. At least Don did communicate. That is a very far cry from the dead silence we are receiving from CES.

    A appreciate Don for trying, giving credit where it's due.

    My ire is focused upon CES. The lack of any response from them after attempts by the only means available to me, and the fact that this type of outage is a recurring pattern only further my displeasure.

    "Your mileage may vary"...


  7. Just conducted another test... I'm able to SEND spamcop.net emails from either the web interface or POP3 using Outlook.

    So, whatever the problem is, it's only inbound emails from outside the spamcop.net (etc.) domain(s).

    We can only hope that, since none of us have received "bounce" notifications on our inbound test from other sources, all of our inbound emails are "cached" "SOMEWHERE" by spamcop and "hopefully" will be processed and sent on ... at some point.

    So far, IMHO, this has all the "earmarks" of the same problem that lasted for days, not all that long ago.

    The lack of any communication, other than Don D'Minion's acknowledgement, is appalling, to say the least.


  8. The Email Service folks use their own service for their personal email. As do I.

    I don't know what's going on. I'm looking into it.

    - Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -

    - Service[at]Admin.SpamCop.net -

    Perhaps it would be best if a few more folks knew or had access to the email service folks, so they could be alerted/contacted when situations (seemingly ever increasing) like this occur? :blink:



  9. Another avenue to report problems is:


    at least that one suggest that you provide an alternate email addy, if spamcop isn't working....

    As a long term (since '99) subscriber, these outages, while rare, seem to take an inordinately long time to be resolved, & any information is sparse & often "after the fact" rather than during the episode.

    I agree wholeheartedly, "no news is NOT good news", and certainly does nothing to foster "warm fuzzy feelings" about the "service"....


  10. The last email I received was time/date stamped 15:34 CST 03/06/2014.

    I've sent two problem reports via the webmail interface, but have no assurances they are not in limbo like the rest of the incoming emails.

    I do have greylisting turned on & have verified that inbound emails are getting at least that far.

    I've checked the spamcop "news" page & the cesmail twitter feeds, and there is nothing current.

    Perhaps, if we're "fortunate", "someone" from spamcop/ironport/cisco or corporate email solutions will provide details of the problem & a projected time frame for resolution...


    becoming increasingly disillusioned with spamcop/corporate email systems... especially as a paid subscriber..... :angry: