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  1. Hi, My domain hosting service has several servers: ie. alpha.hosting-service.com, beta.hosting-service.com, delta.hosting-service.com, etc. In my mail hosts there is a drop down list with all of them listed (or at least a lot of them listed). The one selected is incorrect. - ie. it should be delta, but it has beta selected. There is no way to change it and save it that I can see. Does this make any difference? Should I delete it and do it over and try to select the correct one? I think it has been working fine for some time. Recently another one of my email addresses got blacklisted because I forgot to add it in mailhosts, so I have been leary of reporting spam for fear I will report myself again! But, the spam is on the rise so I want to make sure everything is correct before I start reporting again. Thank You!