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    Mail/dns issues

    been a member for years, have recc'd SC to many folks. But this is it -- I'm done. Issues happen, but the half-hearted communication to customers has finally broken me down. as i was during the recent outage and long wait for restoration of past e-mail, i'm simply baffled by this. good customer communication is the cornerstone of any business, and should be job #1 in any company offering internet services.
  2. cbi99

    ***Email **** Important Update

    I can now login...only to find everything empty. Even the new mail that's come today.
  3. cbi99

    ***Email **** Important Update

    I'm so desperate, I almost take this as a positive sign. Perhaps they're rebooting everything and our mail will reappear. let us hope....
  4. cbi99

    ***Email **** Important Update

    Dear Spamcop. I'm writing as a long time customer and a longtime admirer and appreciator of your service. This isn't an angry rant. It's advice. You're hurting your business. Not because of the technical issues -- those happen. But because of the lack of communication. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that discontent is limited to the relative handful of people who are posting here. For every poster there are thousands of customers who don't know this board even exists and have no way to reach you. Those people are just as frustrated and concerned as we are. Maybe more. Tell us what's happening. If the old mail is there but you can't restore it yet, tell us. If the mail is gone, tell us. Either way, we need to move on with running our businesses and taking appropriate actions. I didn't back up. That's on me. I own up to that mistake. Now own up to whatever is going on with you. I am looking for every reason to remain as a customer. So are thousands of other of your customers. Give us one. Tell us -- now -- exactly what's going on. We deserve at least that.
  5. cbi99

    ***Email **** Important Update

    Thanks for the update. When will work start? Are we looking at days without our e-mail at this point?
  6. cbi99

    ***Email **** Important Update

    Amen. It's well past time for an update.
  7. cbi99

    ***Email **** Important Update

    Considering the amount of email I have on the line here, is it possible to get a clearer statement along the lines of "All the old mail is backed up and has not been lost" rather than "we are working on it"? I don't mind waiting for it to reappear, as long as I have piece of mind that it still exists. Thanks in advance for the reassurance. And yes -- I'll start backing up after this