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  1. unclewoody

    SpamCop Email Service Changes

    It is this sort of thing that shows Spamcop has been abandonware for ages. I also wonder about a Saturday evening email without any real names - no one wants to be attached to this! I have had my account since 2004 or so, but bailed earlier this year after all of the terrible outages. I'm actually glad they made a decision to do something about how bad Spamcop has been recently
  2. Looks like webmail is down as well... Hmmm.
  3. unclewoody

    Update - System Failure etc

    I wonder if that, or if simply this is a legacy email with not that many users? How many people actually use Spamcop email at $30/yr? I wish they would either 100% support it, or just let us know they are going to kill it as the current status isn't good for anyone.
  4. unclewoody

    Alternatives to Spamcop

    Yeah, I was a bit sensitive to posting my question here.... I probably wouldn't have posted, but lots of people had already asked the same question. I figured admin isn't present since all we have heard from them recently is "We are still working on the failure. Thanks for your patience" while we near a 24-hour outage, which is pretty unheard of by any professional online service these days. ... but it does seem like this forum as well as Spamcop seem to be somewhat abandoned relics. I've been using it for over 10 years, but have had so many large problematic disruptions over the past year that I can't justify continuing. I'd probably be much more sympathetic if customer service wasn't so absent. In this era of Twitter, I do find it silly that I'm combing an old PHP forum trying to see what the status of my email is!
  5. unclewoody

    Spamcop Webmail Down

    I actually had just started a new thread asking what other mail services people were using: Alternatives to Spamcop
  6. unclewoody

    Alternatives to Spamcop

    In the recent Spamcop Webmail Down thread, some people were mentioning abandoning Spamcop for gmail. I have been a Spamcop user for 10 years who has been looking to jump ship since the last big outage. Spamcop's uptime and customer service are just unacceptable for 2014. Any alternatives to Spamcop as well as gmail that other people are looking at? I've been trying out the popular German-based gmx.com which seems pretty good (and free) although not great - but better privacy issues than gmail. Thanks for any info!
  7. unclewoody

    'Blank' email / bad headers

    That's the thing - that was a blank spam! Basically, all of the normal headers such as From, To, Subject, etc. are all part of the Received header. So, Spamcop webmail and my various mail readers show it as blank since they don't see a From, To, or Subject header. I've been submitting them via "Report as spam" in Spamcop webmail. I think Spamcop is able to parse some of them. I figured since I was seeing such a huge uptick in these emails, someone else was probably seeing them. I do assume it is some bad spambot sending messages with messed up headers, but wanted to doublecheck it wasn't some other issue...
  8. unclewoody

    'Blank' email / bad headers

    Ok, here's a spam that was successfully parsed: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5615837008zf...70429aef47ab89z Other's are just giving me the blank report. I am getting like 400/day and I'm not sure why some are successful and others aren't, although I assume it is just based on how the headers are off. I also realized these aren't coming through my email aliases - but directly to my non-public spamcop email. Hmmph.
  9. For the past number of years, I have had an email alias pointing to my Spamcop account. Over the past month, I have been receiving a significant increase in spam emails with bad headers, which come out as 'blank' emails. It has seemed to significantly ramp up this past week - I've received 350 in the past 12 hours. Previously, I have been able to report them, but now some emails don't even report. Here is one spam report: Processing spam: From: Subject: error:No IP found I'd prefer not to post full headers here (I'm not sure what to redact), but is anyone else seeing this sort of activity? Is it possible there's an error with my hosting server that is handling the alias (although normal email has been normal)? I've just never seen this so was wondering if there's ways of addressing it.
  10. unclewoody

    ***Email **** Important Update

    David, I agree and don't want to hound people trying to get this fixed. But we have gotten no real updates since email went down, with the exception of one that said they don't know until they "actually start the work". I totally understand if there are major technical problems, but there is a real lack of communication here. Even if it is going to take a week, I'd feel much better if there was some communication.
  11. unclewoody

    ***Email **** Important Update

    I'm sure you folks are doing all you can, but can we get some sort of update on expectations of when this may be fixed? Haven't heard anything since right after the problem which was 8 hours ago. You expecting a fix today or 24 hours or a few days? Would just like some info so I know whether to dig into my backups, since all my email disappeared with the POP update this morning.
  12. unclewoody

    ***Email **** Important Update

    I agree. Can we get a more specific update? I have a slightly old backup of my email, but would prefer not to take the time to go through my restore process and the problems this may introduce, if I know email is coming back online in the near future...