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    Spam by SMS?

    So old but is my problem today. I did find this: Forward the sms span to 7726 (spam). Supposedly this a "thing" like spamcop for email. Anyone know anything more about it?
  2. It started again. Limestone again but different sender email. I went through the same procedure and it stopped again after couple days. John
  3. It has finally stopped about two days ago. The only thing I did was add a statement to the normal spamcop delivery saying "I'm getting over 100 messages a day from these people. Please make it stop." I think I did that two or three times. Seems just using spamcop worked this time but it took awhile. Thanks again for the service spamcop prevides. John
  4. i'm getting over 100 spams a day from this site from various account names which change every 4 days or so. I swear they know when I report then with spamcop. The amount goes down to 1 or 2 a day if I leave them alone. If I report through spamcop it jumps back up to over 100 again. IS there some way they can recognize my address when I report through spamcop? John
  5. john6528

    Reporting problems today?

    Just found this thread so not up on everything. Haven't been able to post spam for a couple weeks. I get to "process spam" SOMETIMES but times out there if not before. My year's subscription just ran out. Not going to re-up till this gets straightened out. JOhn
  6. john6528

    IPv6 Routing Support

    Same as everyone. Getting towards end of year. When will this be fixed? Is there a way to edit out the ipv6 stuff and re-post the spam?