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    If Spamcop wants to intercept/block email from a specific mail account, that's one thing. But to wantonly take this shotgun approach and block all email from all companies ([at]xxxx.com) that a hosting company services, then I blame Spamcop AS MUCH AS if not MORE THAN Lunar Pages. Yes, I am hammering Lunar Pages also, but they are not the ones generating the spam any more than we are. The one blocking our email is Spamcop, and because of nothing that me or any of my employees or customers did. Spamcop is volunatrily trashing my business communication because of another customer of our vendor. Blocking ALL email from the supplier is NOT an ACCEPTABLE answer. And, assuming Lunarpages has now killed off the spammers account, Spamcop is STILL GOING TO SHUT DOWN MY COMPANY EMAIL COMMUNICATIONS FOR ANOTHER 24 HOURS! That is SPAMCOP attacking my business, not Lunarpages.
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    Nice answer there, Derek. Yes, I will personally go to the Lunar Pages headquarters, demand access to their NOC, and presume to know how to do just THAT.
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    I see. This, "Don" guy must not be a real person, but just a bot. For a very brief moment, I actually thought that someone at Spamcop was actually going to do something. I responded quickly and even sent a PM to "Don," yet nothing has changed. Stupid me.
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    We still can't send email. 10 employees in the field who can't communicate with each other. Plus all of my time. Nice. Nice. Nice.
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    Delays I have now spent 3 hours of my time trying to get this resolved. This is insane!
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    Our email is hosted by Lunar Pages. Another of their customers apparently got the IP addressed black listed. Our employees now cannot send email. Lunar Pages says they requested delisting, but it could take 72 hours. I myself requested delisting by Spamcop about four hours ago, and it said it could take up to 24 hours. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE! Spamcop SUCKS. They will shut down email for a company like us, that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH spam, and take their sweet, lazy time in getting us back in operation. SPAMCOP IS DISRUPTING OUR BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY IMMEDIATE DELISTMENT IS AN ACCEPTABLE SOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yours is a horrible, horrible, horrible company to so casually disrupt the operations of an entire company like this and then give us ZERO OPTIONS for getting us back in operation. Spamcop is a HORRIBLE company, so appropriately named ("COP"). I can clearly see the images of the bully, "I AM THE LAW HERE" cops who ABUSE PEOPLE'S RIGHTS, giving ALL COPS A BAD NAME. "COP" is exactly right. NO COMPANY SHOULD EVER SUBSCRIBE TO spamcop because SPAMCOP DOESN"T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT INNOCENT VICTIMS OF SPAMMERS. WE ARE THE VICTIMS, and SPAMCOP DOESN"T GIVE A RAT'S BUTT ABOUT US!