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    Reporting problems today?

    My last spam was processed at 12:40PM PDT. From then on, ~8.0 hours now I get: Gateway Timeout The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server. Reference #1.1cf66e3f.1341373325.c99156c Every single time. It's now 8:56PM PDT
  2. mcs85


    Any idea who the upstream provider is for either the originating IPs or for SingleHop? Any other suggestions for getting this resolved? :angry: I find adding support[at] helps.
  3. mcs85


    Continuing to report does feed the SCBL, which is the best as end-users I think we can hope for. Cheers, Thanks. Thanks, I will be more than happy to keep reporting them and helping the SCBL feed.
  4. mcs85


    I have also started getting lots of snowshoe spam from singlehop. NOC and ABUSE refuse to act upon my complaints. 30 different ip's in the past 25 days. Who else can I complain to about the spam support singlehop is providing?