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  1. If the cache for http://www.spamcop.net/sc?action=showcmd;c...0whois.ripe.net is refreshed, the lookups induced by future reports concerning this IP#, for which about twenty spamvertisement reports processed at spamcop found no reporting address, will find the reporting address found by farelf: noc[at]aiminginvest.com The contact dj1955 at RIPE is updated with that address.
  2. the emailaddress concerns NK159-RIPE, one of the contacts for the sourceaddress of http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5339562933z1...186be77676a2bbz I reckoned, spamcop stores the emailaddress with the nic of the contact as key. And that all ip lookups that result with nic data without an emailaddress would check the spamcop database with the nic as key, and then when an e-mail address is still not found, on IP#. That way less ip#'s and emailaddresses would have to be stored, than storing emailaddresses with IP# as key. The above url can only be retrieved by me and spamcop staff, or by anyone?
  3. Now that I have read that Linkedin emailaddresses and passwords are obtained by russian hackers, I recognize my three spammed emailaddresses from using at Linkedin. Fits with the location of the spamvertised websites.
  4. I was reading many times "No reporting addresses found" for spamvertised websites, that I began wondering why the e-mailaddresses aren't there and what we could do to be able to report without sending faxes or envelopes or calling by phone. Hence my question. With your suggestion to pose the question to RIPE, you have a point.
  5. I guess spamcom has agreed with ISP's to turn off their spam filter towards spamcop e-mailaccounts in order to be able to receive the forwarded spam? When my Habul plugin for Thunderbird also forwarded spam to coldrain.net/knujon, I read an error message from the smtp server of my ISP, that the e-mail was not sent because the content was unsolicited. I have requested my ISP to turn off this block towards coldrain.net, like I guessed it is towards spamcop.net
  6. Because in the mean time I have read in the answer of my ISP that they decided to keep the spamfilter to knujon/coldrain.net, I searched and found a way to get my spamreports to my reporting ID address at coldrain.net: I have installed the "Auto compress file" extension for thunderbird. When I compress the spam attachments, they are not recognized by the spamfilter.
  7. "No reporting addresses found for <ip#>, using devnull for tracking." What can I do?
  8. So here is my frustration: AaAaAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!! :angry:
  9. I have registered at KnujOn. I saw it in the Habul addon for Thunderbird and presumed it wouldn't differ that much from spamcop. Thanks for the explanation!