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    It's unlikely that anyone here, even if they could guess at an answer, would know as well as RIPE staff themselves, so I'd strongly encourage you to try to find a way to pose the question to them.

    As your question does not have to do with SpamCop reporting, I have taken the liberty of moving this from the "SpamCop Reporting Help" Forum to the "SpamCop Lounge" Forum.

    I was reading many times "No reporting addresses found" for spamvertised websites, that I began wondering why the e-mailaddresses aren't there and what we could do to be able to report without sending faxes or envelopes or calling by phone. Hence my question.

    With your suggestion to pose the question to RIPE, you have a point.

  2. Is registering as a contact at RIPE without e-mailaddress allowed by RIPE? ???

    For several months I am receiving lots of spam from one organization, that found their way to hosts without e-mailaddress registered at RIPE, for their spamvertized website. They keep on creating new urls and finding hosts. They even managed to get hold of three of my e-mail addresses. That baffles me.

  3. "No reporting addresses found for" not yet reported source ip

    address for



    did I see on


    I could not add the address to my report: "Reports regarding this spam have already been sent". It was reported to reporting address for spamvertised website.

    Please notify me wether this message is of any use.


    address not found for other contact for the same source:




    I read etitova[at]mts.am

  4. I guess spamcom has agreed with ISP's to turn off their spam filter towards spamcop e-mailaccounts in order to be able to receive the forwarded spam?

    When my Habul plugin for Thunderbird also forwarded spam to coldrain.net/knujon, I read an error message from the smtp server of my ISP, that the e-mail was not sent because the content was unsolicited.

    I have requested my ISP to turn off this block towards coldrain.net, like I guessed it is towards spamcop.net