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  1. Hi Dbiel, yes you are right, I will drop Don a pm with IP address etc. thanks.
  2. Thanks for your comments, we are an ESP and so have many clients, all of which should be using best practice, ie confirmed / double opt-in. However without the exact message, there is no way to take issue with which specific client sent the mailing.
  3. Hi I have registered to recieve the summary reports, and these are coming through correctly. However the actual user complaints are being sent directly to the IP owner abuse[at] rather than the sending domain abuse[at] or postmaster[at] Since the owenership of the IPs are not held by us (and never will be, as they are controlled by the hosting company) we are not able to get access to the complaints directly to ensure they are removed, and/or resolve any issues. Is there anywhere we can specify where the complaints should be sent? Thanks Peter
  4. Thanks, I thought I had looked everywhere, obviously not.
  5. Hi We are sending mail on behalf of our client. However we have generated a couple of spam complaints via SpamCop. Although undesirable at this stage we do not have a block from spam cop. The issue is that the IP owner of our server hosts recieves the complaint, so is then required to forward for our attention. Since they have no direct knowledge of what is happening on the servers etc. we would rather have any complaints forwarded to our abuse[at] or postmaster[at] of the sending domains as per normal feedback loops. Since we could investigate further and also ensure the email is removed in a timely manner. I hope I have asked this question in the right section, if not please more, but in either case I would appreciate your help in this matter thanks. Peter