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  1. Hello! I work with an ESP that sends marketing and transactional email on behalf of our clients. We send emails in a round robin fashion over a shared pool. Meaning that multiple senders are using all of the same IPs. We're getting notifications that our IPS are hitting spamtraps but without any evidence to go on there isn't much we've been able to deduce. We're partners with Returnpath and are trying to locate the user hitting traps by setting each of our lowest seeding 20% of senders on a seperate IP so we can isolate the account hitting traps and then can kick them off our system but that's not working. Does anyone have any wisdom for we can isolate a possible offender to remove them from using our software?
  2. Thank you for all of the great answers, they were very enlightening! Looks like the next step is to soak up the FAQ section. -Brendan
  3. Hey everyone, new user here sorry if this question is answered somewhere else, I sued the search feature first and saw no results for optin, and couldn't search for opt in as that search is three characters or less per word. Moving forward, this is the sitch: I'm an email administrator for an ESP - we HATE spam and try our best to send mail on an opt in only basis. Things can get a bit tricky when dealing with existing lists that are imported into the system, we've got a number of filters and red flags that are set off by things like invalid mx records (most likely an old list) , some formatting queues, and a few other things. That being said recently I ran into an account with a list that looks legitimate - However there is a spamcop.net address on it. I'm wondering if [at]spamcop.net accounts are ever used to legitimately opt into newsletter or followup emails. If not, it is a clear indication of list harvesting on our potential customers part and thus we do not want to mail for them. If so it seems they are legit and keep a squeaky clean mailing program. If you have any insight please let me know! We're doing our best to eradicate spam and any insight or guidance you may have is greatly appreciated! -Brendan