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  1. General Lee

    Outlook received header problem

    So then do what I have been doing. Use Spamgrabber (http://www.spamgrabber.org/). That should fix all your problems with Outlook 2010.
  2. General Lee

    Outlook received header problem

    Ah yes, good advice. I shall do so at once and report back my findings so that all shall know what is good to use. Although, I'm probably going to get yelled at with something like "We told you, you're supposed to use those at your own risk. We don't endorse them, nor do we test them." Admin don't like being asked about products that aren't their own.
  3. General Lee

    Outlook received header problem

    Well, yeah of course the developer says "as far as he knows" it's compatible. I could have told you he'd say that. What I want to know is whether or not it actually is. Maybe an Admin tested it? Personally, I tested it and it seems to work. When I viewed the Full Header it sent and compared it to the actual full header (from the web based mail client, not Outlook's); it was only missing one or two lines (didn't seem like important ones though). And it's probably Outlook that stripped these lines. Also, there was a couple extra ones, but those were just X-headers from my Avira security software.
  4. General Lee

    Outlook received header problem

    Does it work well? It seems like it hasn't been updated for about 2 years.
  5. General Lee

    Outlook received header problem

    What about Outlook 2010? Has this issue been resolved in the 2010 version?
  6. General Lee

    SpamCop Security?

    I was researching a list of ways to combat spam when I came across the story of Blue Frog. Apparently, Blue Frog (also known as Blue Security) was the best way at combating spam. Some say even twice as good as SpamCop. Well as some of you may know, spammers and hackers attacked Blue Frog and it was eventually shut down with less than nine months of operation. Now no offense, but it looks like I could hack SpamCop's website in under five minutes with one hand tied behind my back. And also, the fact that SpamCop has not come under these attacks has led some people to claim that SpamCop is not really that effective. Because if SpamCop was effective, then why haven't hackers tried to shut it down? But I suppose looks can be deceiving. SpamCop could have the best security ever. What do you think? Why hasn't SpamCop been attacked by hackers?