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    spam Cops version V

    I would have thought that the "long awaited" version V would have corrected the issue that requires the user to modify the results of the program (source of spam) because of Microsoft having a extra space after 0000. This is a big PIA.
  2. stumped

    Reporters, why pay?

    Ok...I am going to get a SpamCop email account and give that a shot. Thanks
  3. stumped

    Reporters, why pay?

    I had a 'pay' account that just expired. I will not be renewing it. After one year, I still get the same amount of spam. Maybe someone gets some benefit from my reporting efforts, but not me. noc[at]ncserv.com is constantly listed as a source of my spam and they haven't slowed down one bit. In one year. Nada.