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    [Resolved] Interpreting Senderbase DNS TXT RDATA responses

    Just heard from Cisco that the information is propitiatory. Too bad, would have been nice to integrate their reputation scores with my scrapping program.
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    [Resolved] Interpreting Senderbase DNS TXT RDATA responses

    Thanks for the reply Farelf. While our company uses barracuda for our spam filtering we do other business with cisco. Someone in my company is contacting our rep and maybe we will get some info back. If I do and I am allowed to share it I will post the details here. Thanks, Michael
  3. When do a dnsbl query tfor a given ip on query.senderbase.org: I get a TXT response back such as the below example: (<DNS IN TXT rdata: "0-0=1|1=CentralWare|4=5513528|8=8|45=N|46=29|48=29|49=1.00|50=Montreal|51=QC|52=h3e1z6|53=CA|54=-73.5833|55=45.5">, 0) My question is, is there any documentation out there describing what each of the key-value pairs means. If so could you please reply to this post with a link or an appropriate google search. I know that it is reputation data and I can guess at a few of the values but really would like to see some official documentation. Been looking for a couple of hours and have not been able to find anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Michael