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  1. When do a dnsbl query tfor a given ip on query.senderbase.org: I get a TXT response back such as the below example:

    (<DNS IN TXT rdata: "0-0=1|1=CentralWare|4=5513528|8=8|45=N|46=29|48=29|49=1.00|50=Montreal|51=QC|52=h3e1z6|53=CA|54=-73.5833|55=45.5">, 0)

    My question is, is there any documentation out there describing what each of the key-value pairs means. If so could you please reply to this post with a link or an appropriate google search. I know that it is reputation data and I can guess at a few of the values but really would like to see some official documentation. Been looking for a couple of hours and have not been able to find anything.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.