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  1. Getting the same error.. error code 10
  2. Nope.. ZA is my only antivirus program... I went ahead and reported it as a bug on Zonelabs site Mikeß
  3. Here is a strange problem I am having.. I may be able to help save someone else with the same issues I use Eudora for my mail program and Have ZA Secuity Suite 6.5 on the system.. For the past few weeks accessing the pop.scamcop.net server has been intermittent at best. I finally narrowed down my problem to ZA. When I go into the Antivirus/antispyware section and select the advanced features and disable email scanning Eudora works fine.. I am going to report this to Zonelabs.. but am wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue? Mikeß
  4. is it possible to display the "sender" of held mail in a different color so it can easily be picked out of a large list?
  5. I follow proceedures but my mailhosts are not being added