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  1. No Cloudflare spam for about a week now
  2. I'm well aware of the tracking URL, but that disappears once spam report is sent, I thought maybe you could do something with the actual report numbers. Sorry for being soooooo stupid..... I won't trouble you again...
  3. I posted several earlier today, these are some of them: 6552396455 ( xxxxx) To: abuse@cloudflare.com 6552396454 ( xxxx) To: abuse@cloudflare.com 6552395282 ( xxxxx ) To: abuse@cloudflare.com 6552395281 ( xxxx ) To: abuse@cloudflare.com 6552395048 ( xxxx) To: abuse@cloudflare.com 6552395047 ( xxx) To: abuse@cloudflare.com
  4. 2 days ago I suddenly started getting a load of spam on a Yahoo account which had been virtually spam free, it all references sites hosted by Cloudflare
  5. When a report is submitted the email address is 'munged', but is that only the address in the header? Some spammers also include the recipient's address in the body of their spam...
  6. kluless, I moved you last post to the Lounge which I think is a better location for your question.  I think "Reporting Help" is more appropriate for problems reporting spam to SpamCop.

    Hope this does not cause you a problem.

  7. Since last weekend I've been receiving around 10 times the amount of spam on my Yahoo account, it's gone up from 4 or 5 a day to 30-40 each day. Anyone else having this trouble?
  8. They're both OK now...
  9. I have 2 Y! mail accounts, one still has the 'View Full Header' option, the other has 'View Raw Message' I've tried reporting it, but no response so far...
  10. They tried this once before, but it only gave a blank page, so they reverted to 'View Full Header'. This time it seems to work well, makes it much easier to report Y! spam...
  11. Trying to log in to Spamcop, but I keep getting this message
  12. Thanks, I haven't received any more from them for over a week...
  13. OK, I received a couple more today, from which is in the APNIC region.
  14. I'll have to wait for another one to arrive, usually it's been 2 or 3 a day, but none for a couple of days now...
  15. I keep receiving spam from aneel[at]bug80.com, the abuse email is also aneel[at]bug80.com. I ran a 'who is' search on the domain name and it turns out that he/she is his/her own service provider. Is there a higher authority that this can be reported to, in order to stop this nuisance?