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  1. Thanks for the links
  2. A few months ago I started receiving spam, originating on ovh.net & ovh.ca. I'm now receiving a lot more. ovh seems to have become a favourite host with a wide variety of spammers, not just the usual sex related spam but fake businesses as well. Of course spam from cloudflare is on the increase too...
  3. I just received this response from one of the recipients of a Spamcop report I sent, what happened with the munged address?
  4. Thanks for the explanation, it was just alarming when these mails popped up, they seem somewhat threatening.
  5. I received these 2 emails today referencing 2 spam reports I'd made. How did they get my address?
  6. After months of being free from Cloudflare spam I received 5 today on an account that has been pretty much spam-free for several years. I've also noticed that, since the drop in spam from Cloudflare, a lot of spam is now coming from sites hosted by Volia.net
  7. No Cloudflare spam for about a week now
  8. I'm well aware of the tracking URL, but that disappears once spam report is sent, I thought maybe you could do something with the actual report numbers. Sorry for being soooooo stupid..... I won't trouble you again...
  9. I posted several earlier today, these are some of them: 6552396455 ( xxxxx) To: abuse@cloudflare.com 6552396454 ( xxxx) To: abuse@cloudflare.com 6552395282 ( xxxxx ) To: abuse@cloudflare.com 6552395281 ( xxxx ) To: abuse@cloudflare.com 6552395048 ( xxxx) To: abuse@cloudflare.com 6552395047 ( xxx) To: abuse@cloudflare.com
  10. 2 days ago I suddenly started getting a load of spam on a Yahoo account which had been virtually spam free, it all references sites hosted by Cloudflare
  11. When a report is submitted the email address is 'munged', but is that only the address in the header? Some spammers also include the recipient's address in the body of their spam...
  12. kluless, I moved you last post to the Lounge which I think is a better location for your question.  I think "Reporting Help" is more appropriate for problems reporting spam to SpamCop.

    Hope this does not cause you a problem.

  13. Since last weekend I've been receiving around 10 times the amount of spam on my Yahoo account, it's gone up from 4 or 5 a day to 30-40 each day. Anyone else having this trouble?
  14. They're both OK now...