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  1. Yesterday I received a fairly complete response from Hughesnet, including several messages back and forth to their mail server. Several addresses of RR's were on the list, but have evidently been updated. But I've now learned to be wary, and be careful how all of this is set up. Thanks for the advice, Lking. When I finally bribe my son home with pot roast and banana bread to finally get the websites up, I'll pass this info along to him. And again, appreciate the tenor of this forum. Found valuable help and validation for my plight.
  2. Thank you all for your valuable information and support. I'm finally feeling validated that I have a problem! That has been one of the most frustrating issues I've been having with Hughesnet, and this appears to be an issue that their tech support has been dancing around, but not actually addressing. On another forum, finally located a responsive e-mail address for a Hughesnet tech person who appears to have some clout, and knowledge. I had offered all 4 of their "higher tier" techs the path for troubled e-mail, and all kind of guffawed and said they didn't need me to send it, as they could access it. Turns out they never bothered to address it at all. The day after I posted this, one of them called me back and asked me to start at the beginning and tell them what is happening, and, of course, never did anything. :angry: This new contact seems to be addressing it, but at first only partially, and is now looking into it again. I am in Noman's land when it comes to the internet. I live 2 miles outside a very small community of about 200, and 11 miles outside a little bit bigger, but very well known, community of about 2000. Very small community has RR. I am on a main road between the two, but there is NO high speed here. Have owned this place for 11 years, and have tried diligently to bird dog the issue. To add insult to injury, my house is on the shade side of a mountain that just barely blocks cell coverage. I can occasionally receive texts, but never sustain a phone call. Solid coverage is a half mile away. And the land phone line is a constant maintenance issue - which often requires 2-3 visits a year from Verizon for outside repairs - water, mice, etc. - at their expense. My faxes are often iffy. Yet I still have new buried Verizon DSL? lines on my property - they just won't open up to individual consumers. But back to my issue. I believe by contacting that one person at Hughesnet that I have finally identified a problem that I'm hoping they'll address. I can't imagine that they would think it fine that all of their subscribers who use their e-mail wouldn't mind missing anyone's RR mail - since there are so many RR subscribers. Also do not think Yahoo or G-mail addresses appear professional, and with my slow speed, it is much less direct opening them up, than Hughesnet e-mail to Outlook. I am trying to implement 2 business e-mail accounts. (One an insurance adjusting business, the other a horse racing partnership.) Thought I could just go ahead, but looks like I have to get websites up and running first. Still not sure how that might prevent the spamblocks interfering with RR e-mails, if Hughesnet is my only available ISP (that, or Wild Blue - six of one, half a dozen of the other?). I am no longer tied into a Hughesnet contract, and have stayed with them long past the end of it. My son, who I miss because he is a CS recent graduate, and will not stay more than a day due to my lack of highspeed internet , is coming in the near future to help me with the websites. Am still hoping the Hughesnet tech is addressing this issue, as he has a job, and a life, and I'm paying for this service! Moved back to be close to small town of 2000 as it is my hometown. This location is really beautiful, and a handy midpoint to several larger cities in Upstate NY, even being close to the old US Rte 20. I have been long considering the move because of the lack of utility service here, but hate having to fold to respond to it. Thanks again for all of your input, and appreciate any further advice and suggestions.
  3. Been working on this problem for over 2 weeks. I have Hughesnet, and starting around July 31, some Roadrunner e-mails being sent to me by others, either stopped arriving in my e-mail, or have been significantly delayed. This problem so far has involved 3 different RR subscribers, at 3 different RR locations. I have no problems sending out e-mails, nor, as far as I know of, no problems receiving e-mails from other senders. Hughesnet is pointing the finger at RR, saying, according to their network engineers supporting their e-mail client servers, there is no block from any source coming into my Hughesnet account. I have had friends send e-mails to both my Hughesnet, with a cc: to my Yahoo account, with no issues at the Yahoo account. Am just about to add 2 business e-mails to my Hughesnet account, so am worried about where the actual problem lies. Is it Roadrunner, or is Hughesnet to blame? Thanks! Here is a sample of an error message received by one of the senders, who then forwarded it on to me. (from 7/31/12) This message was created automatically by the mail system (ecelerity). A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: >>> pegsmith[at]hughes.net (reading BANNER): 554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using urbl.hostedemail.com; http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblo...= Here is the path from an e-mail that took over 29 hours to receive today. Return-Path: afenley[at]maine.rr.com Delivered-To: pegsmith[at]hughes.net X-FDA: 66557346240.02 X-Panda: scanned! X-Filterd-Recvd-Size: 14586 Received: from hrndva-omtalb.mail.rr.com (hrndva-omtalb.mail.rr.com []) by imf24.b.hostedemail.com (Postfix) with ESMTP for <pegsmith[at]hughes.net>; Fri, 17 Aug 2012 17:10:39 +0000 (UTC) Received: from hrndva-omtalb.mail.rr.com ([]) by hrndva-qmta04.mail.rr.com with ESMTP id <20120816114812863.MXSF2500[at]hrndva-qmta04.mail.rr.com> for <pegsmith[at]hughes.net>; Thu, 16 Aug 2012 11:48:12 +0000 Return-Path: <afenley[at]maine.rr.com> X-Authority-Analysis: v=2.0 cv=Vb91zSV9 c=1 sm=0 a=Bd6Z9XtBOOvQADCurhDeYw==:17 a=WeKgczCOT60A:10 a=05ChyHeVI94A:10 a=ayC55rCoAAAA:8 a=AE_V1A3TBpkA:10 a=pOfvU1qiAAAA:8 a=9GQRiBoYbOrSh0LwXLkA:9 a=CjuIK1q_8ugA:10 a=T7dl6hF01GMA:10 a=UrpzUYwrm95iUcB8:21 a=r7s5NVWlclCZD9GB:21 a=SSmOFEACAAAA:8 a=yMhMjlubAAAA:8 a=LxQR_2e0RNtbAMykFQoA:9 a=gKO2Hq4RSVkA:10 a=UiCQ7L4-1S4A:10 a=hTZeC7Yk6K0A:10 a=frz4AuCg-hUA:10 a=R7T3_vBXVzm5fvum:21 a=_mzf93y3bcAaaHMH:21 a=Bd6Z9XtBOOvQADCurhDeYw==:117 X-Cloudmark-Score: 0 X-Originating-IP: Received: from [] ([] helo=D5821JH1) by hrndva-oedge03.mail.rr.com (envelope-from <afenley[at]maine.rr.com>) (ecelerity r()) with ESMTP id 5D/BC-17584-1BDDC205; Thu, 16 Aug 2012 11:46:57 +0000 From: "Allan Fenley" <afenley[at]maine.rr.com> To: "'Peggy Smith'" <pegsmith[at]hughes.net> References: <017701cd7b57$03cc8a40$0b659ec0$[at]hughes.net> Subject: RE: your gift card Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 07:46:49 -0400 Message-ID: <40E6087845AF43E3AAEF3B704FBB0A6B[at]D5821JH1> MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="----=_NextPart_000_008A_01CD7B83.4B25C0B0" X-Mailer: Microsoft Office Outlook 11 In-Reply-To: <017701cd7b57$03cc8a40$0b659ec0$[at]hughes.net> X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2900.6157 X-Antivirus: avast! X-Antivirus-Status: Clean Thread-Index: Ac17VZzIqqNBwIoMTnKTCnL6O2ZfUAATkYAA X-Antivirus: avast! (VPS 120815-3, 08/15/2012), Outbound message X-Antivirus-Status: Clean X-Antivirus: avast! (VPS 120714-2, 07/14/2012), Inbound message X-Antivirus-Status: Clean