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    How come I'm on the SpamCop database?

    Thanks for the help. i did try 3 times, the 3rd time to a different person at the company with the same result. I ended up having to write the message down and get my wife to phone them. I also let my ISP (Claranet) and they were looking into it.I can email anyone else with no problems so hopefully it will be put right. Thanks for the help.
  2. How come I'm on the SpamCop database. I've never sent spam to anyone. In fact I probably only send a couple of emails per day - and those simply to Amazon or friends. So when I needed to get an urgent message through to stop a parcel being delivered I get the email returned with the message ' Your server IP address is in the SpamCop database, bye' I need my email. I have throat cancer so cannot use the 'phone. PLEASE HELP