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  1. Thanks Petxl, I followed your advice about adding notes with the IP address as well as other information. This was the basic content:

    This is a CHILD PORN spammer!
    Pictures of girls under 18, or made to look under 18.
    NO PROOF OF AGE available on the site! 

    IP Address: 

    Please investigate and stop this disgusting spammer! Thank you!

    For spam from amazonaws.com I manually sent a spam report with the full content of the email via my email application to (I copied everything in: "View full message" into the email):


    This was effective as Amazon is very diligent, and within a day or two they'd get back to me and report:

    ...We've determined that an Amazon EC2 instance was running at the IP address you provided  in your abuse report. We have reached out to our customer to determine the nature and cause of this activity or content in your report... etc.

    After about 10 or 15 of such submits, the spam from Amazon stopped!

    Regardless, the spam from Google continued unabated.

    At the beginning, all the spam from this spammer had different subjects and content, but then whoever it was started to send each spam out in duplicate or triplicate. I guess they were pushing me, thinking I would give up reporting, given the amount of spam they were sending... Nevertheless, I was relentless in reporting every single one, sometimes it would take me an hour or more each day!

    But good news, finally, three of four days ago it all stopped! Who knows what happened, maybe whoever it was took a vacation... but for now there is no more spam from that entity!!

    It may be a bit early, but thanks to everyone for their advice.

  2. Have started to follow your suggestions. The IP addresses do not resolve to a URL. Here are 4 that I tried:

    I wonder why?

    Thank you for introducing CBL and Talos. Checked both IPs with them but they were not listed or neutral.

    Would appreciate any comments and/or suggestions.

  3. Thanks Petxl, I would definitely like to improve the reports I send but I don't fully understand your instructions.

    Firstly, that spam was already submitted. So I guess you are you saying that for future spam of a similar nature I should write in the "Additional notes (optional - max 2000 characters)" section, the IP address, and also:

    Child porn spammer 

    pictures under 18 or made to look under 18
    NO PROOF OF AGE available! 

    Is this correct?

  4. Am not sure if this is the right forum to be posting this...

    I'm currently getting 80 to 120 spam a day from what appears to be a single spammer. 

    I've been consistent in submitting the spam but there has been zero reduction in their number... Below is what I see in the SpamCop reporting window.

    Google seems to be ignoring these reports.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on getting google to do something about this?


    Re: (Administrator of network where email originates)
     To: clifford.vaughan@honeywell.com (Notes)

    Re:http://trollssupportsshowstopper.site/7g5HwW8HF... (Administrator of network hosting website referenced in spam)
     To: google-cloud-compliance@google.com (Notes)

    Re:http://trollssupportsshowstopper.site/NWv9mMy97... (Administrator of network hosting website referenced in spam)
     To: google-cloud-compliance@google.com (Notes)





  5. Been getting more and more of similar spam recenctly that give the No Source IP address found error. Tried a few workarounds from the forum including adding mail hosts to my account. The first email address (yahoo) I tried but even that came back with "Headers not found." (for both the email and web submission options).

    Here is the Tracking URL of a spam that has the no IP address error:


    and here is the header:


    Reply-To: adrianbayford[at]yahoo.co.jp

    Return-Path: <winaticket[at]gmail.com>

    Envelope-To: info[at]pastoralhotel.com

    Delivery-Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 17:36:13 -0600

    Received: from [] (port=6008 helo=mail.cridigital.co.uk) by bracey.site5.com with esmtps (TLSv1:DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA:256) (Exim 4.80) (envelope-from <winaticket[at]gmail.com>) id 1Tjend-0006un-6H for info[at]pastoralhotel.com; Fri, 14 Dec 2012 17:36:13 -0600

    Received: from User ([]) (authenticated user sales[at]cridigital.co.uk) by mail.cridigital.co.uk; Fri, 14 Dec 2012 15:55:04 +0000

    Mime-Version: 1.0

    Content-Type: text/html; charset="Windows-1251"

    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

    X-Priority: 3

    X-Msmail-Priority: Normal

    X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2600.0000

    X-Mimeole: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2600.0000

    Gillian and Adrian Bayford Donation. (Charity)

  6. Well, this is the message I get after submitting it:


    SpamCop v © 1992-2012 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Here is your TRACKING URL - it may be saved for future reference:


    error: couldn't parse head

    Message body parser requires full, accurate copy of message

    More information on this error..


    As there was an "couldn't parse head" error I thought I should look into it...

    What parsing error?

    It parses just fine for me. The source of the spam is

    - Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -

    - Service[at]Admin.SpamCop.net -


  7. Thanks David for taking the time to let me know the reason.

    Annoying sender, yes! I dislike any spam! I will look into reporting such spam directly to gmail.


    It's probably because it's going from Gmail to Gmail, and so it using their internal server IPs, all starting with "10.etc." -- those aren't going to parse.

    But, looking at what you're trying to report, it would seem just some sort of annoying messages from an annoying sender, perhaps, as opposed to the kind of "spam" that most of us would be reporting (pharma, phishing, etc.). Perhaps you could simply filter this person in your Gmail and be done with it? Or forward their messages directly to Google's abuse department?


  8. I am getting this message when I try reporting a spam. It always is from the same person:

    No source IP address found, cannot proceed.

    Can anyone suggest what the problem might be?

    Here is the header from my email client:

    doctor g <cococo26[at]gmail.com>

    To: doctor g <cococo26[at]gmail.com>

    Bcc: A D <REMOVED...>

    Delivered-To: d1a2m3i4e5n6[at]gmail.com

    Received: by with SMTP id l3csp46281oab; Wed, 26 Sep 2012 19:01:34 -0700 (PDT)

    Received: from mr.google.com ([]) by with SMTP id m4mr1881885vez.14.1348711293760 (num_hops = 1); Wed, 26 Sep 2012 19:01:33 -0700 (PDT)

    Received: by with SMTP id m4mr1463878vez.14.1348711293555; Wed, 26 Sep 2012 19:01:33 -0700 (PDT)

    Received: by with HTTP; Wed, 26 Sep 2012 19:01:33 -0700 (PDT)

    Return-Path: <cococo26[at]gmail.com>

    Received-Spf: pass (google.com: domain of cococo26[at]gmail.com designates as permitted sender) client-ip=

    Authentication-Results: mr.google.com; spf=pass (google.com: domain of cococo26[at]gmail.com designates as permitted sender) smtp.mail=cococo26[at]gmail.com; dkim=pass header.i=cococo26[at]gmail.com

    Dkim-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed; d=gmail.com; s=20120113; h=mime-version:in-reply-to:references:date:message-id:subject:from:to :content-type; bh=cOQNeLPLh2uBUxwYXRe9z2TbP1a9m1HTS6SZAC9yRjU=; b=OucGoaOaBj56LHp+c/tdKJ1SvZZaX9LzZw8cvaEE3m9owtwZatHyVVcf9foK9eeWM4 Kd6eXdaKT+9qhjt5m03it9RHl4izf5YfXOXfk0Pqm3erQ0GBh7FuUqOW4W34AzMn2S/8 gsn2LXv/8XdefLV7pUUJCljoWD7dnO+mgR9pBTOgBlBb4BiCXwqL64I++BDKYIuYuKOM lX/2sL9OjyyWsj3/fyIXdC+WslUxjit5skPmxz5UsKUAnDshngCMPQCXzi9BXt8LD61D teMWdlzTbKlybxR9CtEdrpWu1mhvDTt5Zq4SeQjOLt5ZcW92Vq+TcThs75MC7BTtIloi Szlw==

    Mime-Version: 1.0

    In-Reply-To: <75599D17009E47EBAB5F7B40757FFD59[at]inspiron>

    References: <75599D17009E47EBAB5F7B40757FFD59[at]inspiron>

    Message-Id: <CA+ak6d822bx_bnhF00V0wf+uXiObDC_KqKvhQjrAURLYn0NE2Q[at]mail.gmail.com>

    Content-Type: multipart/related; boundary=047d7b6d8d9e8e956b04caa551fd

    Fwd: Fw: How to get to Mars