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    [Resolved] Unable to reset password

    Matter is resolved. Yahoo had previously informed me they had wiped all account settings/mail due to inactivity. Therefore I was unaware of a very dated reply-to field being produced from the account.
  2. createcoms

    [Resolved] Unable to reset password

    That would explain why I never received it. Is there a way to change what you obviously had on file there? thnx -cc
  3. createcoms

    [Resolved] Unable to reset password

    GENIUS!!! I just tried using only the first 30 characters of the 63 character full ascii password (inc special characters)and it has let me in. So the limit is 30, and entering in more than 30 doesn't error - it just reads the first 30 and saves that. Good to know (not just for me, for others too).
  4. createcoms

    [Resolved] Unable to reset password

    Ah sorry I wasn't aware of the public holiday side of things, thanks for letting me know. I will stop festering for another day
  5. Hi Guys, I ruined the account by trying to change to a 63 character full ascii set password (must not have liked the special characters) and then no password would work. So I searched high and low until I found a password reset page for the email account which involved giving an alternative address. I immediately received a case number from an automated spamcop bot to that alternative address, and nothing since. Have waited until now because it was the weekend, but it's now business hours in the US and still no response. If there's a phone number to ring I'm happy to ring it because I'm keen to regain access. Thanks -cc