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    Internet Business killer of 2013

    Hi: I do not sell Pharmaceuticals, but various equipment from my website. The whole mechanism is inherently wrong. You are effectively saying, "You have a thief living somewhere in your region - we saw him run there - so we are labeling you all as criminals. Even though you are law-abiding, you are to be denied your rights because someone near to is doing something wrong. We do not have a clue who it is, so we will brand the whole area as criminal". It should not be my responsibility to try and fix this - and I cannot fix this. My IP says"We've been having some problems with them (Spamcop) adding our servers lately. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do save for submitting false positives and hoping they get on it faster then usual." So the IP says it is Spamcop and Spamcop says it is the IP. Spamcop needs to get better at there supposed service. I may be one voice in a billion in the internet world, but the consequences for me are real. I cannot conduct my business and so feed my family if spamcop is blocking my legitimate emails.
  2. ecotao

    Internet Business killer of 2013

    Thanks. I went to http://multirbl.valli.org and rand the test on An amazing 232!. And Blacklisted: 2. One of these said "Don't worry. No one is using this block list to filter email. They do not accept solicitations for removal, so just ignore them." The other: Spamcop blocking list. Nobody but Spamcop.
  3. I run a business 100% internet based and all my business is generated by my website. I coordinate 3 different email addresses for receiving business. My biggest loss to my business is not spam. It is not viruses. It is not trojans or hackers. It is not search engine listing. The biggest threat to my business survival is Spamcop! And apparently, I am not the only one. On complaining to my internet host they said: "Honestly, we've been getting a bunch of email problems from spamcop over the last couple months. It's a big thing with yahoo and others as well." Where is the problem? If my legitimate email quotation to a customer is blocked, or a supplier email quote is blocked or a potential customer email is not delivered, I am losing business and money. And this is what spamcop is doing. Legitimate emails are being blocked by Spamcop. This is the equivalent of a traffic officer pulling drivers off the road who obey all the rules. It is the same as a policeman standing outside my shop and stopping customers from entering. It is the same as the security guard at the bank preventing me from entering the bank. All for no reason that I have caused or have control over. I would rather have the spam and get rid of Spamcop, as spamcop is affecting my business on a percentage level. So called "false positives" or whatever the terminology are not acceptable. The current bout has lasted 5 days and is not yet over. In terms of lost sales, the potential big order that Spamcop blocks due to stopping a legitimate email can amount to US$10000 in my case. And with the nature of my business, it is that single sale from that single email that helps me survive to the next month! So Spamcop. You are killing my business and nobody seems to know how to fix this. This makes Spamcop the BIGGEST problem for 2013 for my business survival. Ecotao Enterprises cc