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  1. Thanks for the help everyone. I've decided to stop submitting spam. I'm sure given time I'd get it all figured out but unfortunately I keep bumping into odds and ends I don't understand and I don't have the time to make sure I'm doing it right. I made a donation. Keep up your good work. Wish I could have been of more help. John
  2. Sorry I meant that instead of using my mail's outgoing server as provided by the company that host's my websites, I select gmail's outgoing mail server when I forward as an attachment. John Tracking Urls: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5497682839z0...e297923be764b6z http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5497682790z5...582d5efa51e738z http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5497680877z4...2001856cd0e2f9z John
  3. I'm a new user and have been faithfully forwarding my spam. I forward as an attachment. About 75% of the spam I've forwarded is rejected by my host because of: "potentially executable attachment". I did some reading on the forum and decided to send from my gmail account on one of the emails and it did work. I got back the message from spamcop stating accepted email. However clicking on the provided link I find myself listed as a recipient in the reporting section. I receive the email and clicked on the link and arrive at Abuse report response center and I'm given a few options. I haven't gone any farther as I'm not sure how to proceed.
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    Taking it to the next level.

    Other then the fact that I'm typing this without the benefit of wearing pants (because you have all scared them off of me) I want to extend my thanks for furthering my education. John
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    Taking it to the next level.

    The thing about the email not really from paypal that got my spidey sense tingling is there were no links, no attempts to get any information from me directly or indirectly. Why send it? Made me wonder if there was some way to monitor keystrokes. Thanks for the info about DNS block list. That makes me feel a little bit better about taking the time to forward the emails. As an aside once just came back from my host: This message has been rejected because it has a potentially executable attachment "The BEST Squeeze Page Plugin EVER? (open now).eml" This form of attachment has been used by recent viruses or other malware. If you meant to send this file then please package it up as a zip file and resend it. I'll read up on the MAC ethernet. BTW, I check off the notify when their are replies but I don't seem to get them. - John
  6. Hi I may not be entirely clear as to exactly what spamcop does and how effective it is. From what I can tell it tries to determine where the email originates from, then determines what the complaints dept. email is and sends a report. Is there more to it than that because I don't think that's going to have much of an impact based on where it appears the reports are being sent in the case of the emails I'm getting from one fellow in particular. I received an email today allegedly from PayPal (I called and it's not from them) addressed to the email address of mine that the spammer is sending my email to. (I've unsubscribed, found alternate emails of his and sent polite letters and even left messages on his cell phone as I found the number and at a place he works). The email subject line: Auto Response - Reply PayPal Email (KMM83576559V19825L0KM) :ppNA The email content: Hello John Wade, We want to help you but we're not able to respond directly to emails sent to this address. If you have a question about your account, please contact us through our website. Here's how: 1. Go to the PayPal website and log in to your account. 2. Click "Contact Us" at the bottom of any page. 3. Click "Contact Customer Service," and ask your question. One of our Customer Service agents will reply to your question. We value your business and want to provide you with the best customer care. Thanks, PayPal This email is sent to you by the contracting entity to your User Agreement, either PayPal Inc, PayPal Pte. Ltd or PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A. Société en Commandite par Actions, Registered Office: 5th Floor 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449, Luxembourg RCS Luxembourg B 118 349. Unless they have something planted on my computer to record key strokes I can't imagine how this would benefit them but I thought I'd seek opinions on this forum. I'm interested in recommendations as to what I can do to maximize my security. I'm using a Mac Laptop, iphone, and iPad and I'm using NetBarrier and VirusBarrier by Intego. I'm also interested in what I can do to take it to the next level to shut this particular spammer down.
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    Where's my error

    I didn't start off using the email address provided. I was copying and pasting to the website. One day, on the website I noticed the email address method option. Nothing there about it being unique and I didn't give it any thought I guess. How do I request getting the old deleted and a new one assigned. I made a support spamcop payment with the intent of a donation but it seemed to infer there was some tangible advantage to doing so although I couldn't quite figure out what that might be. Any idea? John
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    Where's my error

    Don't recall reading anywhere it was a secret. Please submit another and let me know. John
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    Where's my error

    When I get spam I forward it to submit.AblI1zTouzhr2h3Q[at]spam.spamcop.net. I then get an email that says - subject - [spamCop] Errors encountered, SpamCop encountered errors while saving spam for processing: SpamCop could not find your spam message in this email: What am I doing wrong? John
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    Did I report myself as a spammer?

    Hi Don, I've sent you an email with a subject line linked to this thread. Please send my spamcop's donation link. John
  11. Long story short. Bought a wordpress plugin. Shortly thereafter started getting several emails a day. Unsubscribed. No results. Tracked sender. Left message on his business phone. No results, even more emails though. Sent a couple of polite emails to alternate contact info I found on linked in. No results except seem to be getting more emails from people using similar tactics. Signed on to spam cop. submitted report. Received email back with user targeted report link. This resulted in arrival here: Thank you for responding to this spam report. This is a report regarding ###.###. ###. It was sent to you because you have been identified as "User defined recipient". I'm confused. That looks like I'm the guilty party. Did I submit incorrectly? I just opened message viewing raw source, copied all of it and pasted it into the spam cop form and hit send.