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  1. Hello When I return the configuration e-mail for Mailhost configuration -> "Add new host" it adds a dozen MX which have no connection at all with the mail service provider. (These MX are not in the header of the mail.) The right ones are added as well, but it associates the wrong service name with the e-mail address... Also, several of the "Relaying IP's" displayed give "No data record" on a reverse DNS. I deleted the host and tried again, but it does the same... Regards Christophe
  2. Thanks, Steve Yesss! - thanks. That's how I guessed it worked - but I didn't realise the last part: Each server identified is added to the mailhost record for that domain. and also what follows: If a mailhost record already exists for that domain (i.e. another user on that domain) your account is simply pointed at that already existing record. If any new servers are identified they are added to the existing record. That is why the wrong servers of a different provider appear in my list: they had been added for a previous user and now they are 'stuck' :-( I understand why it is done that way - to build up ever more complete lists for a provider - but if something goes wrong it is difficult to undo it. In my case (and therefore that of all other clients of my provider) two unrelated domains are mixed up in the same record. Regards, Christophe
  3. Hello Steve Thanks - I searched for the first topic but didn't get any results ??? Is there a direct link? Regards, Christophe
  4. Hello Don and thanks for your reply OK, understood. But there are domains in the list for the host which have no connexion with my mail service provider. For example my provider's MX are like 'mx-myprov.com' but mailhost config has added a dozen like 'mx-hisprov.net' to the list (you will see the real ones in my MP). But 'hisprov.net' is not related to 'myprov.com' and my e-mails never transit by their servers, so 'hisprov.net' is effectively whitelisted although it could be used to transmit spam. Maybe these MX were added because they were valid for the person who first registered the host - but they are still all mixed up anyway... Regards Christophe