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    Forwards not working

    Forward was working when I tested it a few minutes ago, so hopefully whatever you saw was temporary. The new path for changing forwarding is on the reporting site: preferences -> "Change Email address or name" and then edit the address under "Forward mail to address"
  2. It's there for me. I doubt it's hiding because of your browser, but I'm using Iceweasel 24.8.1 on Debian Linux. Did you have a forwarding address set up before the changes that occurred today?
  3. It's actually not a new tab. The location is: preferences -> "Change Email address or name" then edit the address under "Forward mail to address"
  4. Instead of a full email service, SpamCop email is now a forwarding service with spam filtering. As far as I know, the SpamCop reporting services are continuing to be offered as always, just not the email accounts. To be sure you have a forwarding address set, go into preferences and click "Change Email address or name" option. Under "Forward mail to address" put whatever address you want to receive mail on. Note: That address must not forward to your SpamCop address, or your mail would just be going around in circles. For example, you could have yourname[at]spamcop.net forward to yourname[at]example.com, but then be sure your email service on example.com is not set to forward mails to yourname at spamcop.net. I stress this point because some of us forward mails to SpamCop for filtering, in which case the address SpamCop forwards to needs to be a different address. Held mail is gone. My understanding is the new filtering system will just delete spam. No you don't have to change email addresses. If you set up forwarding, you can continue to receive mail on your SpamCop email address. As far as I know, the SMTP server is going away, so you would have to use another mail server to send mail. However, there are mail servers that will allow you to send mail that looks like it's from another address, which is what you would need if you still want your mail to look like it's from yourname[at]spamcop.net.
  5. anyone8

    ICANN says Nextbuses.mobi etc can't

    I'd really wonder about a domain that's suspended for that, as the verification was pretty easy when I registered a domain a few weeks ago. All I remember having to prove was an email address I could receive mail on. I used my spamcop.net, but I assume one of the free ones such as Hotmail would have worked.
  6. anyone8

    can't forward as attachment in yahoo

    I hadn't noticed because I've been getting my Yahoo mail via POP for the past week or two, but at the moment I'm getting no response when I try to use that key combo. It used to work for me. I'm running Chrome 34 on Debian Linux. If anyone can get Yahoo to forward as attachment, please let us know.
  7. anyone8

    Forwarding and FAQ update

    I'd encourage you to keep at it. I've been reporting spam that gets to my hotmail account for about 15 years and am have just recently started seeing days where it doesn't get spam. If this is any indication, change takes time.
  8. anyone8

    Spamcop Alternatives?

    Thanks for posting a detailed review. I had missed the trusted sender option in their spam filtering settings, so ended up trying Runbox first. For anyone else considering Pobox: The 2nd email I received simply wouldn't release no matter how many times I tried. I tried checking the box next to the message then clicking the release button (which had worked for the first email) as well as opening the message then clicking the release button on that screen. Since the screen would reload the message list every time I clicked the release button, the server obviously wasn't down. I can only assume they're running some pretty dodgy software since it stopped working the 2nd time I tried to release an email. Regarding the slowness mentioned in the quoted message, the system was one of the slowest I've used in a long time, but I didn't get as far as anything like changing the skin, due to the problem mentioned in the previous paragraph. However, a mailing list confirmation that wasn't slow on any other system I've used recently (SpamCop, Outlook.com, Earthlink, Runbox) took several minutes to show up in Pobox, so I suspect their whole system is slow.
  9. anyone8

    CESmail System changes

    Does anyone know if there is any plan for the forums? Although the email service is going away, it seems like there will still be a need for some kind of communication regarding the reporting system. Is there a discussion somewhere I missed? Or is this even the right forum for my question? Thanks!
  10. I don't know if there's a way to convert the account, but http://mailsc.spamcop.net/ has an option for setting the address for receiving email responses (Preferences -> Change Email address or name). I assume putting a valid address (one you actually check) would comply with what Don said above. Then if you don't want to see the email coming to your [at]spamcop email address, perhaps you could forward it (using webmail forwarding settings) to an address you don't check. The point of this is because I don't know what CES will do with email accounts that don't have a forwarding address when they shut down, as I thought I read all accounts should have a forwarding address by the time CES shuts down. It might be wise to keep that address active so that emails sent to it don't start bouncing, as I don't know exactly where the bounces would end up and if the recipient might see the simplest solution as deactivating the account that's sending mail to it. Please note that my only knowledge comes from being a SpamCop user and reading these forums. I'm not an employee or representative of SpamCop and cannot guarantee that there isn't a flaw in my idea. Although this is what I would try if I wanted to do for this for some reason, I'd suggest waiting at least 24 hours in case Don or one of the moderators sees a flaw in my idea. Hope this helps!
  11. anyone8

    Reporting service down???

    mailsc is working fine for me. I was already logged in from Chrome, so I tested in Iceweasel, which as far as I know is pretty similar to Firefox. I don't recall seeing anything about security or certificate in the past few days. I'm not sure why we're getting different results, but if you're still having trouble please reply (any details you can add might help) and hopefully someone here will know the answer.
  12. anyone8

    Spamcop Alternatives?

    My move away from gmail was because of spam getting past the spam filters and into the inbox, and not being able to find any settings to fix it. At least some other services have an option to set the junk filter to "exclusive" so nothing gets past. I've tried a couple, but both seem to have to be told several times that a certain sender is OK before their messages actually make it to the inbox. I'm currently looking into runbox as I've heard it's possible to set it to use a whitelist, which should work for me.
  13. I guess you made room for something, as I was able to send it this time.
  14. I wasn't planning to come back, but ended up logging in to set it to send me updates about the threads related to Saturday's announcement. Ironically, one of them is another thread discussing replacements for SpamCop email, now that CES is shutting it down. I tried to reply to your PM, but it says it's disabled or your inbox is full. I thought since you made the effort to write, I'd write back, but whatever. I have no idea when I'll log in again, so don't worry about it.
  15. The June 2014 posts in this thread show that CES can't be bothered to respond to the error. Since it comes up when trying to renew, it's inevitable that we'll switch to another email service when our accounts expire. As the user base dwindles, I imagine the decreasing revenue will result in CES cutting resources. All you're doing is making it harder for us to figure out which email service might come the closest to providing as good spam filtering, which has earned you the honor of being the first person on my ignore list. I don't see any point in trying to participate in this forum as long as you have the power to hide replies that rub you the wrong way. Bye.
  16. Thanks, but I actually have a gmail account that I'm trying to retire because of spam getting past the spam filter and into the inbox.
  17. I just wanted to ask a couple questions on this topic: 1. Is the person/team that fixes problems with the servers (such as those mentioned in the news at http://mail.spamcop.net/news.php) different than who we need to fix this certificate error? 2. If there is no longer anyone to fix problems, as suggested by the last two posts in this thread, does anyone have recommendations for another service that is as good with spam filtering? I'm not sure what everyone's results are, but I haven't had a single spam get through in the two years I've had this service (and very few good mails I've had to release from held mail). Thanks!
  18. anyone8

    Email account expired; NO warning

    They may have fixed this, as I got an email reminding me to renew. When I try to renew, I'm getting an error about an expired certificate, but that's another thread, as others have already been discussing the certificate error.
  19. anyone8

    Reply From Spammer or Victim?

    Yeah I liked the newsgroups, but never was that good at keeping up with them. I'm finally getting used to having to log into a website instead of just using a newsreader. I do really like the fact I can set it to email me when a new post is added to a topic I'm interested in. I'm sure I still miss a lot, but at least I don't miss replies to those topics like I might have before. Anyway I'm probably going off topic for this thread... It sounds like we've established that it's sometimes not easy, but we mustn't let spammers fool us. Maybe I'm dreaming, but I still hope that between those of us who report it and those that just filter it out, things reach a point where it's not worth their effort to even send spam.
  20. anyone8

    Reply From Spammer or Victim?

    Well right now I'm not feeling too smart. How could I forget all the spammer foolishness I've seen over the years? I'm sure there's plenty more I missed not keeping up with the SpamCop forums as much as I would have liked to.
  21. anyone8

    Reply From Spammer or Victim?

    Good point not to trust anything in spam. The only reasons I look into them is to try to avoid reporting anything that isn't really spam, and a serious case of curiosity killed the cat. For example, with the links in the emails that started this thread, I had my answer by the time I finished reading here, but curiosity compelled me to see that blog for myself. They can spat all they want, but it seems to me their botnet would last longer if they didn't send their junk to those of us who've been reporting spam for years. That is, unless things have got to the point where their botnet consists of users who can't keep their system clean and ISPs who don't do anything when they get reports. That's fine though. I might think something was broken if I logged on in the morning and didn't have half a dozen spams to report. Yes changing passwords on a regular basis is a good idea. You probably already know this, but in case it will get read by anyone who may not: Also don't use the same password on multiple sites (especially important ones) in case one password gets compromised.
  22. anyone8

    Reply From Spammer or Victim?

    Thanks to everyone who posted about this. I just started receiving these today, and it was very helpful to be able to find out more. I found it interesting that the blog post actually says: Also that two people have commented on the blog post saying that malekal is a malware site not a useful resource, but whoever created the blog didn't even bother to come back and remove the comments. IMHO, that makes the blogger even less believable. Last but not least, I do NOT recommend visiting the sites listed in these emails unless you have a very secure setup. When curiosity compels me to check such things, I do so from a read-only linux system. It froze for the first time ever, which I can only assume was some kind of malware trying to get in. Point being, don't go there unless you're sure you can do it without putting your computer at risk.
  23. For whatever it's worth, I got this "bounce" screen this morning too. The best idea I had for determining if my email address ([at]hotmail.com) was having a problem was to send an email from my gmail address. My test email got right through, and I also found the email from the reporting system saying it had accepted my forwarded spam for processing. So I clicked the button to confirm my email is working, and everything worked fine from then on. Are some of you getting this "bounce" screen repeatedly? I'd be glad to provide additional info if it will help anyone (although can't get at the server logs on Hotmail I'm sure). Otherwise, I'm glad to just continue and not worry about it unless it gets to be a nuisance.