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  1. I am unable to report new spam because I get the message from spamcop: "ISP has indicated spam will cease; ISP resolved this issue"
  2. drivel

    spam originating from volumedrive.com

    Let me reword: "Reporting volumedrive spam has no effect that I can notice." Let me restate what I wrote: the spam from volumedrive is making it to my thunderbird client and I am already using spam filters. Using spamcop's SCbl is ineffective because these IP addresses are not on spamcop's block list. spamcop blocks one of volumedrive's IP addresses and then the spammer just moves to another IP address spamcop is not blocking. And as I stated, I can not just ignore volumedrive spam because I am being overloaded. I need some method of filtering out all traffic from volumedrive that does not involve using spamcop's block list, because spamcop's block list is ineffective. A reason why spamcop is ineffective is that if a spammer can find a spam friendly host, like volumedrive, he can keep sending spam for multiple years by just keep changing IP addresses under control of that host. (At least one IP address under the control of volumedrive has been on a block list for years.)
  3. drivel

    spam originating from volumedrive.com

    Is there a way I can set up my email client to discard all email coming from volumedrive? Reporting volumedrive spam has no effect.
  4. drivel

    spam originating from volumedrive.com is on the CBL, but still not on spamcop's list. I am also receiving endless spam from volumedrive. volumedrive is know to be a spam friendly host.