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    spam Flood

    The volume is too great to report - so I'm only reporting a minor proportion and not sending any accompanying message.
  2. Dave___

    spam Flood

    The volume of spam over the past few weeks has been so great (10x the usual 10 spam messages a day ?) that my Spamcop account is depleted of 'fuel' for the first time in several years.
  3. Dave___

    spam Flood

    Spamcop no longer functioning: "[an error occurred while processing this directive]" https://members.spamcop.net/
  4. Dave___

    spam Flood

    Yes - with a BT account. This morning, Spamcop seems swamped, making manual submissions impractical - Spamcop submissions usually take only a few seconds, but are currently much longer ("Waiting for members.spamcop.net" 10x ?) and occasionally timing out ("An error occurred while processing your request" also "The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request").
  5. Many thanks ... 1) Past Reports - facility is now restored 2) Webmail - so presumably the former screening process (inc. 'held mail') no longer applies ?
  6. I have also found the same 'Unknown action' for several days and now find that the forwarding no longer works, nor can I login into webmail.spamcop.net: "The connection has timed out The server at webmail.spamcop.net is taking too long to respond..." (since yesterday p.m.)
  7. I wish to add another e-mail address to my Spamcop reporting account - how is this achieved ? (I know it needs registering but can't readily see how). TIA. Dave.
  8. Another e-mail address had started receiving a load of spam, but wasn't registered with Spamcop. However it wasn't obvious from the online help material how to register the additional e-mail address. Regards, Dave.
  9. Since sorted - submitting spam with unregistered e-mail address and Spamcop presents an opportunity to add further e-mail address via submission/response test.
  10. Update: further tests have resolved the issue, but this would not have arisen without BT Mail problems ... After some serious password change problems with BT/Yahoo Mail, my SpamCop webmail service is no longer picking up my incoming BT e-mail messages. However, the Outlook 'test account settings' for my SpamCop e-mail registers as working (used to collect incoming BT e-mail), when it clearly isn't. Also, some BT customers have been experiencing major problems with BT Mail and the latest transition, e.g., BTCare Community Forums ... Re: Transfer to BT Mail https://community.bt.com/t5/Other-Broadband.../1230629#M85311 Any suggestions for a test/check to resolve this problem would be much appreciated. Dave.
  11. I've recently setup a SpamCop e-mail account to filter e-mail messages, and the SpamCop collection/delivery process seems to work OK, for receipt by Outlook. However, after checking the SpamCop setup guidance ("Leave the SMTP server set up with the server your ISP provides. Email from your email program will go out through your ISP without passing through SpamCop"), I cannot reply to incoming messages collected/Delivered by SpamCop to Outlook, seeing this error message when testing the e-mail settings: "Outlook could not logon to the outgoing server (SMTP)" Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Regards, Dave.
  12. Many thanks - I think that this is the simplest solution. Dave.
  13. "Can you forward Yahoo to SpamCop?" - yes, but it discards the original header detail. "I'm still seeing full headers in Yahoo webmail (inbox and sent folders anyway)" - me, too, but there appears to be no way of copying the header+body text. Dave.
  14. Many thanks - in principle this is OK, but the e-mail system in my case appears not to reveal the full message source (Yahoo webmail - headers only, unless I've missed something). Any ideas for a work-round, so that I can manually submit e-mails after they've been through the system ? TIA Dave.
  15. Just one further query - is there a setting which will save *all* incoming mail to a folder ? (for a few days) This is to hold 'escapees' for possible reporting. Dave.
  16. Many thanks - have already changed some of the settings as suggested. Dave.
  17. The original query is resolved, but I'm now trying to fine-tune the SpamCop webmail processing of incoming spam. SpamCop is forwarding some messages which are spam, and deleting them from the SpamCop server (but once they've reached Outlook it's hopeless ! - I've given up on SpamSource after recent problems with mangled headers/messages). Ideally, I'd like such messages also to be held on the SpamCop server, so that I can report them. However, I've perused the webmail options & FAQ but can't readily see how best to achieve this - any suggestions would be much appreciated. Dave.
  18. Don - many thanks, that's solved it ! The send settings need to be those of my main ISP (obvious, now). Dave. PS Thanks, Steve, too.
  19. I think SpamSource was, for some of the messages (but only over the past few days). I've since opened a SpamCop mail account to filter my e-mail messages. Dave.
  20. FYI: Recent spam is defeating Spamcop, regardless as to the method of submission: "This header is incomplete. Please supply the full headers of the spam you're trying to report. No source IP address found, cannot proceed. Nothing to do." Example below. Dave. http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5549591169z9...b7a735311dd281z [edit]posted spam deleted, tracking link sustituted.
  21. Apologies - many thanks for amending/moving the original message. All submissions to SpamCop are from SpamSource (for Outlook), which I understand allows the header content to be included. Dave.