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  1. Greetings, everyone. Sporadic blacklisting by spamcop's DNS's happening for a few days now. Spamcop's web site reports the IP as NOT listed (IP is: ). It WAS listed a few days ago, I requested a removal and apparently it went through only partially. Some Spamcop DNS servers report it as listed, most as not. Her's what I've done. I've checked blns{1,71}.spamcop.net. I'm not sure 71 is the maximum I should have checked but it seems good enough. Anyway: $ for i in `seq 1 71`; do echo $i; dig a [at]blns$i.spamcop.net > $i 2>&1; done Result is 71 files. $ grep "IN" * | grep bl.spamcop | grep -v SOA Resuilt: 11:; IN A 11: 2100 IN A 14:; IN A 25:; IN A 34:; IN A 34: 2100 IN A 39:; IN A 4:; IN A 42:; IN A 43:; IN A 44:; IN A 50:; IN A 54:; IN A 55:; IN A 56:; IN A 58:; IN A 6:; IN A 60:; IN A 63:; IN A 65:; IN A 66:; IN A 67:; IN A 68:; IN A 69:; IN A 70:; IN A 71:; IN A As we can see BLNS11.spamcop.net and BLNS34.spamcop.net have the IP listed, while the other BLNS's do not have it listed. Any help with that, please? Thanks in advance. Another question - if I understand correctly (do I?), Spamcop sets email traps and if any spam is received, the sending server is blacklisted. Sounds like a great plan, except we got listed while we only send email to our actual customers from the server that got listed, i.e.: only people who created actual accounts. How can that happen? Thanks again.