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    Spamvertised info

    Hi Steve, thank you for your clarifications. Oh, this is interesting; how do I proceed with it? So, this means that works based just by a report? A link inside an e-mail can be anything, is SpamCop (the program not the people . <g>) :-) takes for granted these kind of reports? Just to know.. Regards, den
  2. dentaku65

    Spamvertised info

    Hi Don, thanks for your answer; but I'm still a little bit confused; the point in this case is: why my provider is involved? Why Spamcop do not notify directly to me? My domain have postmaster, info and abuse accounts as usual; I think that writing to the owner of the service should be the first step and the more correct way to interact. Then, in case of no answer I imagine will be necessary to escalate to the service provider but not before. I'm asking this because the e-mail received from my provider about this subject was very far from gentle, even after I deleted the incriminated url and explained the situation (silly situation btw, just an entry in my db). Anyway I do not really understand the "method" or "criteria" by which Spamcop define a "spamvertised" url in such vast scenario like "url inside e-mail content"; of course I understand very well the fight against spam and I support it, but the risk is to generate too many "false positives" Kind regards, den
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    Spamvertised info

    Hi, I'm the webmaster of short url redirection site, and a couple of months ago my provider sent an e-mail to me about "spam complain" of my site as spamvertised, reported by Spamcop Team. I've implemented on my site these security checks in order to create short urls as clean/secure as possible: Internal DB filtering for out-of-policy and/or spam links, hosts, domains, keys (incremented manually) No short urls on short url sites (no short urls chain) No IP address URLs allowed No malicious extensions allowed (cut off link portion containing .exe, .bat, .sh, .pif etcetera extensions) No domains allowed listed on spamhaus, surbl and uribl DNS name resolution (A entry) Honeypot trap .htaccess trap Yeah, a lot of work! :-) I'm writing here because I have some doubts about the definition and assignation of "Spamversited"; my provider reported to me that this kind of spam is "Spamvertised websites, websites that are mentioned in spam messages, are not allowed to be hosted on our servers.", thus my site, due to the nature of his service, can be marked as spamversited even, with all evidence, has not resposability at all or a fleeting indirect responsability. If I understood well this kind of spam is regarding the content (in my case was a content of a e-mail with an url generated from my site) and, to my point of view, this seems to be pretty volatile to decide to mark a site as "only" by a link in a content of an e-mail and, not even an end link; to me this do not proves anything and penalizes my job beyond measure. I'm so surprised that Spamcop consider spam a link inside a content of e-mail; what happens if someone send thousands of spam mail with www.spamcop.net as a content link inside the e-mails? Spamcop will consider itself as a spamvertised? I don't understand... If Spamcop have some SURBL service or similar solution (like Spamhaus) I'll happy to implement it in my site as additional security check. Kind regards, den