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  1. That was my thinking, too. But even the responses to this thread are going into my spam box, despite my moving them to normal mail each time. What I don't understand is why they would ever have a problem with Spamcop to begin with, I don't see any point of conflict.
  2. I got a response from Google, unfortunately I deleted the rejection messages. But mysteriously, a normal spam report worked today -- I have changed nothing. Hm. I will keep an eye on it and update this thread shortly. I get enough spam that if there is a bug somewhere on their side, I'm apt to trip it again.
  3. I recently moved a domain to Google Apps. But, as I've sent a report through the Habul plugin (for thunderbird), I am getting blocked reports from Gmail (either or my hosted email on Google), that look like this below. Can someone let me know if this is a general problem, as I did search the forums and didn't find anything. But it seems odd they would do this, unless I'm missing something. Thanks. Message blocked Your message to submit.[omitted] has been blocked. See technical details below for more information. LEARN MORE
  4. I don't foresee myself doing the above for the multiples of spam messages my domain receives. Not realistic. Since I moved my domain to Gmail/Google Apps recently, perhaps an alternative method here is to load up a local IMAP client (ie: Mutt) with a macro, then connect to the Gmail/spam mailbox that way. But the above just isn't realistic for those who receive a lot of spam.
  5. Link to this FAQ item? I looked through the FAQ and I can't locate this.
  6. Google Cloud indicates that, for their product, you can add Spamcop in the UI to not have it blocked. I'm not sure this applies in the above scenario, though.
  7. No, I didn't see that. Interesting. I wonder if there is a way via an API call to take messages stored in a folder and process them with another mail client like MUTT. I'll have to look into it. But yes, this would be a big decision factor for me. Google uses their own "spam" rating system, which (for the average user) is "ok". I believe this is based on a product they purchased some time ago (the name escapes me). Whenever Google blocks a company site, I always think there's a little more behind it.
  8. I may move my domain to a hosted service from a SaaS provider. One issue I'm trying to solve is how to report spam from Gmail to Spamcop. Now, I understand about display source and copy and paste, but not when I have 10's of messages to report, that's not going to happen. I'm wondering if there is some clever API mechanism that could be triggered (even remotely) when messages are stored in a certain folder. Anyone found a decent hack that will work reliably?
  9. To clarify, I think it has to do with how the message is being encoded. I added a couple of rules to my Postfix header_checks that catch this spammer abusing Google Groups, but it catches the headers in the forwarded message -- which it should not, that I can tell, from the mutt configuration. The config for mutt above is from the Spamcop FAQ.
  10. I'm using MUTT as my mail agent, which I have for years, but I'm having a problem with Postfix rejecting the mail based on header_checks (which I need, as I have a spammer). My Spamcop mutt config is based on the documentation: # Settings for SPAMCOP set mime_forward=yes set mime_forward_rest=yes set ssl_verify_host=no set ssl_verify_dates=no macro index S ":set autoedit=no fast_reply=yes editor=\"/bin/true\"\n<tag-prefix><forward-message>submit.[omitted][at]\n<send-message>:set autoedit=yes fast_re ply=no editor=\"/usr/bin/vim\"\n" \ "Forward tagged mail to SpamCop" But, something isn't working. I fould imagine that if it's mime_forward, the body of the reports should be encoded, but postfix is rejecting based on the headers of the messages I'm sending. It's possible I've overlooked something, but I understand there was a lengthy discussion somewhere about this (which I cannot find). If someone could point me in the right direction, that would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Sorry about that Lking Rushing to get info out, didn't even think of the URL. Thanks.
  12. In addition to this bug with Spamcop parsing, it's leaving "Unreported spam" in my queue, which is building up. There doesn't appear to be another way to cancel them. I contacted SC support and pointed them to this thread. I think this should be a simple parsing/regex fix.
  13. Here's a sample from today:
  14. Ah, interesting. And, I did notice that. This is a parsing bug that Spamcop could easily fix. But, I'm betting money that the spammer figured out this trips up the parser.... perhaps. But it could be their own bug.
  15. Since yesterday, the reports I'm sending are going to links that have a reduced web page; as in, there's no buttons or anything to submit reports. Just a brief analysis of the message. I'm logged in properly, that doesn't appear to be the issue. This also happens on my mobile device (iPhone). It also happens in an anonymous window, ie: from Chrome. Perhaps I missed a change? I didn't receive any email announcement, etc. Could someone elaborate on what's going on? Thanks.