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    SpamCop is incompetent!

    Steve, you beg one last comment. You too have been very fair in your responses, which admittedly, tempered my rant. However, $2000 is my daily rate. The plan would take quite a bit longer than a day.
  2. WCoyote

    SpamCop is incompetent!

    To yourself and Rick, I know why, but that changes nothing. But I can see by your signature line that real change is not something you embrace. I think there are many like that here. This system (IP level block lists) is just the wrong way to go about this. It has had it's time, now it just has collateral victims. However, SpamCop fans will never agree to this statement. There is nothing open, progressive or inquisitive about this group. To me, an IT consultant, there are obvious ways around this and I have been asked why I don't suggest a better way. Well, I did but I am not sure if it's been noticed. No surprise. As to specifics, details and an action plan, I'd be more than happy to. CISCO have deep pockets. If they want turnkey solutions, they can pay my usual daily rate of $2000 and they will get a well thought out proposal, with a complete end to end implementation plan as well as a quote for a follow on project to spearhead the partnership recruitment and orientation. If I wanted an extensive LAN/WAN design, I am sure they would ask no less. In any case, there is no point to arguing this with the gnostic faithful here. i just wanted to lend some support to those poor victims like myself that come here only to be told "Yeah, too bad for you." I'll leave you all with your delusions and I will seek remediation by other means. It's been an education! Live well.
  3. WCoyote

    SpamCop is incompetent!

    The ISP can't de facto tell the difference between their high volume email users. There are many legitimate uses for high volumes of email and to the email server, there is no difference from these legitimate high volume users and spammers. Companies like SpamCop could work with the ISPs to develop a system to put an end to this, but instead, they just point fingers. Stating that this is the best the current technology can do cannot be used as an excuse. Something has to be done about this as damaging large numbers of innocent and legitimate users to get the few bad apples is not acceptable. Most large and responsible companies these days use content inspection on their incoming email to control spam. They realize that blocking a potentially important client is just not the way to do business. SpamCop and other similar bottom feeders need to grow up and take this in a different direction. "It's been done this way for a long time" sounds really old and counter progressive.
  4. WCoyote

    Internet Business killer of 2013

    No, they are not missing the point. It is irresponsible for SpamCop to do what they are doing. By the logic of the SpamCop supporters, it should be okay for someone to manufacture Crystal Meth as long at they don't tell people to use it to get high, right? The concerns of the OP and JohnathanS are valid. Producing Blocklists (that's what SpamCop call them) at the IP level is just plain stupid and irresponsible. You say it's impossible for them to do a better job? Fine, then get out of the business altogether. We advise companies to block spam by doing content inspection. This is the correct way to deal with it. It's effective and does not punish or damage the innocent.
  5. WCoyote

    Lot of mails in my ISP´s email

    None of this is good enough if innocent people are being damaged by it. Just saying that SpamCop are not doing the blocking is mute. They are providing the information, and that information more incorrect than it is correct. therein lies the incompetence and the irresponsibility. Look, it's not my fault you don't get this. To me it's obvious and for SpamCop to participate as the source of this useless information makes them culpable. Like I've said on this site an elsewhere, I HATE spam. but just publishing Blocklists at teh IP level is both incompetent and irresponsible . I am not a spammer, not in any way shape or form, and I really resent your suggestion that I am. I own two businesses. A on-line retailer of MCU prototyping equipment, and an enterprise IT infrastructure consulting firm. My business has been damaged by SpamCop! If I were to bring a lawsuit, it would be on terms associated with business lost due to incorrect (libelous) information being spread. Not from the perspective that I could not get my unsolicited email blast out. Perhaps you missed my use of the term innocent.
  6. WCoyote

    Email address blocked

    Clearly, huh! Please, why is this so clear? What facts am I clearly missing? SpamCop publish these Blocklists irresponsibly. To suggest that a whole IP address be blocked because of one possible abuser is sheer incompetence. They also sell services that do exactly the same. To not properly identify the abuser is both irresponsible and incompetent. What would be responsible and competent? Actually identifying the real abuser and working with the ISPs to eliminate the same. I just lost a $37K deal with a European company because my email was INCORRECTLY identified as a source of spam. SpamCop provided the incorrect information. According to that company, it was SpamCop's service they used. Note that they actually call them Blocklists. I know SpamCop are not entirely to blame for what has happened to me (more than once), but they are a HUGE part of it.
  7. WCoyote

    SpamCop is incompetent!

    48 hours is NOT a short time! Not by any means. In business people will not wait 48 hours for a response to a request of even the slightest urgency. In my case, I have only been blocked by SpamCops's service. Others too, but SpamCop is the primary offender. "x persons received spam from IP address y in the past z hours." This is exactly the simplistic non-sense I am talking about. This is useless, worse, harmful information and acting on it will do absolutely no one any good. If one person in Los Angeles has the flu, should all 17 million be quarantined? SpamCop and other services of this type need to take a more responsible approach to this problem. Just publishing lists of IP addresses that have had complaints against them is no responsible as the uneducated will take harmful action based on that. they need to step up, or step out.
  8. Pure bunk! It is SpamCop and other incompetent and useless idiots doing the same incompetent job of identifying spammers that is to blame. You don't go ahead and block a whole IP address just because of one bad user, and in doing so ruin the lives and businesses of dozens or possibly hundreds of legitimate users. THAT is just plain 'F'in stupid. SpamCop should be doing a better job of identifying the real abuser and working with the ISPs to put a stop to this. Until they, and others like them, change their attitude, it's not going to get any better. They aren't even touching the real spammers for Pete's sake!
  9. WCoyote

    Blocked email

    This is NOT an excuse! Do your work properly or get the 'F" out of the spam blocking business. There may be dozens of legitimate users on the server your blocking and your hurting them and their business. This is just not right!!! If you can't figure out how to do this the right way, just go away! :angry:
  10. WCoyote

    Lot of mails in my ISP´s email

    What is happening is that SpamCop is blocking all emails being sent from the server your email service is on. SpamCop make no effort to identify the real culprit. The just go ahead an block all the users on a given server. There may be 1 spammer using a server where there are hundreds of legitimate users and rather than help the ISP find and eliminate the problem, they go an block everyone. The 100's of thousands of legitimate users damaged by SpamCop and other incompetent spam blocking services need to get together and build a class action lawsuit. Actions like SPamCops would not be tolerated in any other line of business.
  11. WCoyote

    Email address blocked

    There is no excuse for SpamCop doing this. Their methods are just plain incompetent, so innocent people, like you and me, suffer.
  12. WCoyote

    SpamCop is incompetent!

    Let me state right from the beginning that I hate spam. So much so that I do not email my customers unless they contact me first, or we have found an error in our work or products. Like most of you, I spend an enormous amount of time trying to rid my life of spam and I am well aware of the deleterious effect it has on the internet as a whole. However...... SpamCop is just a perfect example of pure incompetence. To block possibly hundreds of users on an email server just because 1 user is involved in spamming is not only draconian, it is proof that the people creating the blocking mechanism are either lazy or stupid. Either way, incompetent. I run a legitimate on-line retail business. I am not, never have been and never will be a spammer. I do not run a e-mail list, nor do I do any kind on email promotion. However, I get blocked from responding to my customers by SpamCop. For example, a customer in Spain sent me a request for important information yesterday. This is information that is important to their business, yet I cannot respond because the child-like simplistic rubbish SpamCop com up with is blocking my response. How does this benefit my (and SpamCop's) customer in Spain? As a result of this, I received another email from them this morning stating that my lack of response has resulted in them no longer doing business with me. This is not the first time either. I have lost yet another customer, thanks to SpamCop. This is just absurd. I cannot fathom how anyone can support SpamCop's child-like and incompetent methods. How can these idiots continue to ruin from dozens to hundreds of legitimate business people in vain and incompetent efforts to stop one spammer? If I had deeper pockets, this would be tested in a court of law. What SpamCop are doing amounts to slander and liable. They are destroying my reputation and ruining my business and I am not the only one. If they can;t do the job right, they should stop as they are hurting more than they are helping! Quite frankly, I expected more from a company like CISCO. Running a garbage piece of s#!t system like SpamCop ensures I will never be a customer again. :angry: