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    ESP has blocked my client's account!

    Thanks DT. We actually have decided to move to BlueHornet, hopefully we will have less problems. Thanks
  2. skubaman

    ESP has blocked my client's account!

    Hi, thanks for the info. Could you please let me know what exactly is being black listed? Would it be their IP address or/and my clients specific email address/domains? Thanks
  3. Hi all, recently my clients account on Constant Contact has been blocked. According to them it was blocked due to spam complaints and to unblock it we either need to trim our every contact added before 12 months ago or send a double opt-in email to entire user base. My client does not practice spam and we never had issues with spam complaints. All emails addresses are opt-in and they only send 2 or 3 emails a month. The 2 proposed solutions would have a major negative impact over the email base and my clients web marketing revenue. According to CC the blocking is from Spamcop. Now how do I know that in fact there were complaints to spamcop? How many? How do I know we are not being punished due to spam activity by other clients of Constant Contact that use the same servers? Who exactly is blocked? Constant contacts's server or my clients domains? Couldn't I just take the business somewhere else? Thanks