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    Travelocity spam

    I got rid of the spam by mailing the customer services a few times, in the last email I threatened to report them to Spamcop (I had done that before actually), after which I received a prompt reply that they had taken me of the list. In my opinion though, they should be blacklisted as they do not provide a working unsubscribe mechanism. That's as bad as spamming in the first place.
  2. driesie

    Travelocity spam

    Hi, Has anybody had any problems with Travelocity spam? I subscribed to their newsletter ages ago and have been trying to unsubscribe for months, but I still keep getting their newsletters. I have tried to contact their customer service etc, but nothing is happening. So I consider their email being spam now. I have therefore reported the last 3 emails from them as spam. However, spamcop doens't seem to filter them out, I keep getting them even though I thought they were in my blacklist. Anybody has any ideas? Cheers, Dries.
  3. driesie

    Spammers using my email address

    Thanks for the replies. I was actually thinking if I could do something legally. Just out of principle really. But I live in the UK, so where do I complain?
  4. driesie

    Spammers using my email address

    Thanks for the link. I didn't think it was possible to do anything about it, but it's annoying beccause it's not going away. And my inbox gets flooded all the time.
  5. Over the last couple of weeks, I have received loads of bounced emails because a spammer seems to be be using my email address(es) as from and reply-to address. Is there anything I can do to avoid getting the bounces, or even bounce them back? Apart from bounces, I also receive quite a few angry emails back. :angry: Thanks, Dries.
  6. I tried to set up mailhosts yesterday. The first one worked fine, the next couple I set up didn't seem to come through. I received the test emails and forwarded it (redirect using the webmail interface), but they don't appear in the list. Also, the documentation mentioned I wouldn't be able to use the quick report feature for a while, but I could immediately, so I was wondering if it actually works? Last thing, is there no tech support email for these kind of issues anymore? Cheers, Dries.