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    I really appreciate all the feedback, looks like I was correct about it being the provider. I have been unhappy with Networksolutions since I took over the IT position. So I am going to explore other options, if you have any input let me know, thanks in advanced! As far as looking for other options, would you recommend any reasonable and reliable email providers, we have around 60 addresses. I wouldn't be opposed to hosting my own email server, just have a couple concerns. My main worry about my own email server is that we only have one internet source at the moment. I would have no fail over if our internet was to go down; would emails to us be lost forever if someone was sending an email and the internet goes down? Also are internet is taxed heavily during the busy times of the day, I am unsure of how much bandwidth I would realistically need; our connection is approximately 30mbs download and 5mbs upload. Right now I have a Windows 2008 server box setup as a file server, I think I could run an email server along that relatively easy, would you recommend any software? I could also setup a Linux box if needed. Thanks a lot! Abe
  2. Abe here, Some of our clients are reporting not receiving our emails, I have been working with the clients IT departments and tracked down the issue as being blacklisted. I work for a small office in Michigan, I manage the IT here for are ~50 pc's. We have a few local radio stations, and we work with local and regional sales for our business, primarily via email. Unfortunately this has been an ongoing issue, I had always believed it was our email provider, but I need more information, so here is some background on our email provider, and experience: Before I started (over a year ago) the old IT guy had switched are email to a new provider, Networksolutions (http://www.networksolutions.com/) to reduce the cost of our email. I think this is the root of our problems, I have contacted their support multiple times in the past and occasionally they have a prerecorded 'Know Issue' message before you wait on hold; most of the time it was something like "We are aware that many of our email clients are being blacklisted and are working to get the issue resolved, please remain on the line if you have another issue". Recent bounce back: So this is where i need some guidance, Is this strictly our email domain (which is [at]wklt.com) or are we included with other email domains on the Blacklisted IP? I read through some other pined posts and found that Auto-Responders can cause the issue? My employee's prefer to use an auto-responder when they take vacation or our expected to be out of office on a normal business time. Should I enforce them not to? The most important part of our business is selling adds on our stations and this is done through email mostly, I need communication between us and our clients, when we are blacklisted it can cause us loss of income. We don't have a local email server, just workstations with either Outlook or Thunderbird clients, some of our employees use the webmail also (mail.wklt.com). I keep the workstations in good condition, windows firewall, anti-virus, ect. Network is secure. I'm at a loss of what would be causing the spam. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Abe