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    Spamcop Webmail Down

    Looking frantically - let me know if you find anything.
  2. CamelT

    Spamcop Webmail Down

    But that's the rub - they should be communicating already. Honestly I don't think I would be willing to pay any more.
  3. CamelT

    Spamcop Webmail Down

    Me for one. You can plough millions into it, but communication with your customers costs very little. It feels like the people in charge at spamcop are just sticking two fingers up at their customers.
  4. CamelT

    Spamcop Webmail Down

    At least you'd get you mail. Ialso have been with Spamcop for more years than I can remember - seriously looking for alternatives.
  5. CamelT

    Spamcop Webmail Down

    Can't log onto incoming pop3 email server. What's happening at spamcop these days?
  6. No good if your recovery email address is [at]spamcop.net though as you said ...... also it's been that long since I've used my login (moved house etc) that I can't even remember my login name. So no choice but to create a new login. (I tried my usuals). Nice of you to nit pick on trivial unrelated matters though - because me having to create a new login is the real problem here At the end of the day the complaint of most people is the communication. People will live with a lot of crap "IF" they know what's going on. As soon as people don't know what's going on and are left in the dark, that's when tempers rise. Still missing emails as well - but can't think about now as I'm hiding behind my sofa in case the Spamcop Police call around and beat me with a short length of rubber hose for my violation(s).
  7. Terrible state of affairs! Been with spamcop for 10 years now (couldn't remeber forum login). It;'s the lack of communication that irks me!