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  1. Everything seems to have cleared up this morning. JT replied to my request for help, and his e-mail was among 299 other messages. there's even a note on http://mail.spamcop.net/news.php attesting to problems.
  2. I'm having the same problem, but with both Yahoo and Hotmail. popgate.cesmail.net is not retrieving most of my e-mail. I have 2 hotmail accounts, and 6 yahoo accounts. 1 hotmail and 1 yahoo account work right, the rest have 73 "cannot connect to server" errors each. I've tried deleting all of them, and reentering, but it didn't help. All of the entries are xxx[at]yahoo.com or xxx[at]hotmail.com, and I've verified the passwords by logging in to yahoo and hotmail. Only three things have happened that are different from normal: 1) I was away for a few days, and didn't check e-mail (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). 2)yesterday (Tuesday), I noticed some e-mail missing from the inbox. My online_ordering account was getting "cannot connect to server" error, deleted it, re-entered it, and that account had ~500 e-mails waiting. 3) I changed from IMAPing my e-mail to forwarding to gmail After that, 6 of the popgate accounts are getting "cannot connect to server". Also, Gmail keeps getting the same bunch of messages from my online_ordering account, over and over and over. And messages being sent to my e-mail address aren't arriving at all. Something seems to have happened - not sure what. Is it possible that popgate gets overloaded by too many e-mail messages? Several of the accounts have more than 100 e-mails sitting and waiting for the "gates" to open.
  3. LAArt

    Is popgate messing up?

    I've changed passwords on the problematic accounts, deleted them from the configuration, and re-entered them. The Dial account is working again, but the other accounts are still giving me a "cannot connect to server" problem. Also, my hotmail account started giving me a "cannot connect to server". Can someone make sure that popgate is working correctly? Thanks. Art
  4. Wanted to see if anyone else is having problems with popgate not retrieving Yahoo e-mail. I have an account classified as "SBC/Yahoo Dial", and several other regular (free) "Yahoo" accounta. The "Dial" account stopped working, as well as *some* of the free accounts, while others work. I noticed this several days ago. I went into SpamCop tools, deleted those entries, and reentered them. After waiting for an hour, I went back in to check the settings, and am gettting "Cannot connect to server" error message on the "external servers" configuration page. Any ideas? Is popgate busted? Should I use popgate.cesmail.net, or popgate.cqmail.net? (I have a cqmail.net account) I have about 120 e-mails sitting in my dial account, and about 2000 in one of my free accounts. I made sure to use XX[at]yahoo.com for my e-mail address.
  5. I've been having the same problem. I use Outlook Express, on several PCs, and use IMAP to access my sc email. I usually open OE, check my e-mail, see "Held Mail (40)" or somesuch, and open up IE to the VER page (http://mailsc.spamcop.net/reportheld). Does having both the email client, and the webpage, accessing the same IMAP folders cause this problem? So the solution is to close the e-mail client while reporting held e-mail? Art
  6. The URL below doesn't parse properly. Not sure if parser thinks it's a redirect, or if the handoff isn't seen. http://my.netzero.net/s/lc?s=140591&u=http...om/auto2/?iybrd
  7. so how about using the calendar to keep track of significant days in spam history? For today, I nominate Comcast/ATTBI's listing in SPEWS (http://spews.org/html/S2963.html). Art